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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Flaming Roses for Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer WOOT WOOT!!

You all know I have been waiting for this book for a long time! I was so excited to continue with Calla's story, and Cremer did NOT disappoint! (*swoon*)

The war has begun! Calla rescued Shay from being sacrificed, and left her pack behind. Now, as she wakes from the first battle, she realizes she is faced with Searchers. Ready for another battle, she changes into her wolf ready to attack.

Monroe, a leader for the Searchers, talks calmly and diffuses the situation. Shay comes to Calla's side, and she is unsure who to trust. As she listens to Monroe, and learns of all the lies that she has been led to believe, her life literally falls apart before her eyes.

Now she must rescue her pack, and convince them of these lies and to fight by her side against the Guardians, whom they've all served their entire life.

Can she get to her pack in time?

As Calla learns the ways and the truth of the Searchers, they plan their attack. How will she be able to keep her pack together, and give them the freedom they all deserve? With Shay by her side, she is sure she's made the right choice. Their love for each other grows, but she's not forgotten about Ren. Ren sacrificed himself to allow Calla and Shay to escape. Now the time has come to pay him back, and she can only hope that he will accept the freedom she offers and learn the truth behind his mothers death.

With more secrets to be revealed, this story will knock your socks off. Sure it leaves us with a huge cliffhanger, but I am so glad I didn't wait to get it. Cremer brings Wolfsbane full of action and twists that you never saw coming. The teaser on this cover, "How many trials can love survive?" says it all. We see Calla tormented with right and wrong, and caught between two boys that she loves. So much happens in Wolfsbane you will die waiting for Bloodrose! I cannot wait for February 2012! Go grab a copy of this book now, you won't be sorry you did.



Winners Announced!

WOW! I have to apologize to make you all wait sooooo long! I was a bit under the weather last week and was down and out for a few days! I'm feeling better now and ready to catch up though, so let's get on with our winners!

Romancing Your Dark Side Tour Part 2 Winners:

Choice of E-book - #21 Hotcha12

Night Secrets - #14 Nikki

Murder on the Down Low - InlovewithTwilight

Please watch your emails as I will be sending you one. You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn :).

Thanks for stopping in and Congrats!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VBT Pit Stop with Zachery Richardson - Chronicles of the Apocalypse

Welcome to the Round Table.  May I offer you a beverage before we begin?
Let me try one of those Zesty Zombies.

Thank you for bringing Zach his drink Zar. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today.  It's so nice to have you at the Round Table.

BK:  What inspired you to pen this novel?

I saw the movie Secret Window with Johnny Depp. It inspired me to try and write a story where the main character was the villain instead of the hero. I wanted to mix things up a bit and do something that was maybe a little risky and different. Well, I discovered quickly that writing a book from the villain's perspective was beyond my abilities at the time, and so I settled on making him a genuinely good person who had nonetheless done reprehensible things. And since Kill Bill was one of my favorite films at the time, I decided to make him an assassin.

BK:  What inspired your book to be a series?

I was writing three separate books at the time, all dealing with demons, demonic powers, and demonic invasion. When I realized they all had a common theme, I tied them all together and revised a bunch of things to launch the story off into this crazy new dimension

BK:   How difficult is it to write a series?

It takes much more dedication than a one-off. You also have to plan everything out from the beginning if you want the story to grow organically. It's a tough process, but it's one that I love.

BK:  What draws you to write in this genre?

I love the mix of freedom and familiarity it gives you. With Urban Fantasy, the world is a familiar one, one that we all would recognize, but it also allows us authors to play with it however we want. I also love the sort of "secret history" stories. Stories that present what we take as historical fact as an elaborate cover up. Though it's an element that isn't present in Revenge, Everything is Nothing (which I like to call REIN),  some of that will come up in future Chronicles of the Apocalypse (COTA) books.

BK:  How do you keep your writing different from all the other novels in this genre?

I do a fair bit. I present demons in a way that I haven't seen done in American literature at all. Rather than presenting them as either wild, mindless monsters or invisible, malicious spirits, I've made them highly intelligent, organized, almost human in some respects, and wildly powerful. I do also include some more basic, mindless monster demons as well, but they are all very real, very physical threats. A few of them I would say are even akin to Superman, in terms of how powerful they are. Those guys cause some serious trouble when they're introduced. I want to say more, but I run the risk of seriously spoiling the rest of the books in the series if I do.

BK:  Who is your favorite character?  

Which one would you most likely invite to dinner? I can't answer either of those without delivering MASSIVE spoilers. What I can say is that each question has a different answer.

BK:  What is your favorite part about writing?

That thrill you get when a brilliant new idea occurs to you that makes all your other ideas fall seamlessly into place. I've had a couple moments like that with Chronicles of the Apocalypse, and each time it's added a fantastic new wrinkle to the story.  My favorite thing about series writing is that you can tell much grander stories. I also love being able to spend more time with the characters.

BK:  Did you find any particular challenges during the writing of this novel?

Timing everything. Since Revenge, Everything is Nothing takes place simultaneously with Book Two, I had to make sure the events in both books didn't contradict each other. I actually just finished a chapter where I had an idea that I thought was cool and if I hadn't caught myself, my main character wouldn't have done something that is mentioned later on in REIN.

BK:  Are you finding yourself running into any challenges while writing this series?

Probably my biggest challenge is finding ways to use the characters I don't kill in the same book they appear in. There's one character who shows up in Book Two that I knew I had to use in the rest of the series, but finding a way to do so successfully was a real challenge.

BK:  Do you have a favorite book in the series?

Either Book Three, Book Four, or Book Six. I think Book Six, because I finally reveal the full story. Why everything in the series has happened the way it has. If I say any more, I'll ruin everything. And then of course there's the whole epic conclusion thing, and I'm a sucker for epic conclusions.

BK:  How did you come up with the title for your series?

In it's initial form, Book 3 told the story of a character who ultimately got cut from the final product, along with all the accompanying plot threads. Before I made that cut though, I wanted a title that would imply that the series was about multiple people and how they deal with the Apocalypse, rather than focusing on my main hero character. So, I settled on Chronicles of the Apocalypse and it's stuck to this day.

BK:  Are you currently working on any projects?

Book Two of COTA is my primary focus right now, but I've got half a dozen other ideas floating around in my head.

BK:  What do you like to read when you're not writing?

Stuff that's a lot more light and optimistic. I enjoyed Twilight, and am currently waiting on pins and needles for the next House of Night book, as well as Inheritance, the finale of Christopher Paolini's Eragon series.

BK:  What do you like to do for fun?

Watch movies, play video games, come up with fun new ideas for books to write. Sometimes I'll even pick apart the movies I watch. It's been suggested to me multiple times that I pursue a career as a film critic

BK:  What is your favorite food and restaurant?

Steak, steak is indisputably my favorite food. As for my favorite restaurant, it's a toss up between California Pizza Kitchen and Red Robin.

BK:  Fantasy or Horror?

Horror. I was raised on 80's horror movies and Freddy Krueger remains my all time favorite villain.

BK:  Day or Night? Day.

I'm a summer baby, so I gotta have me my sun. :)

BK:  Favorite Drink?

Either root beer, or rum and coke. It depends on where I am and what I'm doing.

BK:  Favorite Movie?

The Lion King. I know that sounds weird coming from a 21-22 year old, but if I wasn't watching horror movies as a kid, I was watching Disney. No other film has hit home for me quite like The Lion King did.

BK:  What is a must have to write?

For me, it's a laptop. I could never write a 300 page novel by hand. My fingers would have me thrown in jail for assault and cruel and unusual punishment.

BK:  If you could possess a supernatural power,  what would it be and why?

I think that's the hardest question in this entire interview, there are SO many I would want! Really though, at the end of the day, I would have to pick Flight. Freedom is a huge thing for me, and being able to fly under my own power would be the epitome of freedom.

BK:  Favorite Book?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It has a lot of competition, but this was the first title that really popped into my head. When it first came out, I read it in less than 19 hours. Every other book that I've read, I've put down at least once. Not so with Harry Potter 5. I read that in one marathon sitting. Not even food could pull me away from that book.

BK:  Favorite Author?

Loaded question. I think if I actually had to pick one, I would either go with Christopher Paolini or Rick Riordan. They've done just tremendous things with their writing.

BK:  Favorite Song?

The Animal by Disturbed

BK:  Favorite Saying?

"To be truly happy in life, find something you love doing and then find someone who'll pay you to do it." Words I live by.

BK:  Sometimes while reading a book we visualize a certain actor/actress playing the part.  If your book were being made into a movie,  which actor or actresses do you see playing the part(s)?

The only actor/actress I've ever envisioned as one of my characters is Stephen Dorff. When I first came up with the character of Dorigan, I knew I would want him to play the character if the movie were ever made.

BK:  What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to know about you?

Almost all my inspiration for my books has come from either movies or TV shows, and I am not exaggerating when I say I've seen at least ten times as many movies as I've read books. Don't get me wrong, I love books and I love reading, but with my Attention Deficit Disorder, reading is a significant investment of not only time, but effort. A book has to REALLY grab me in order for me to read it cover to cover.

BK:  What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Dropped out of college to pursue my career as an author. Hands down.

BK:  If someone could describe you in one word,  what would it be?

Disorganized. That's the only single word I could think of that would be accurate. Everything else was either two words or a phrase.

BK:  Any advice for new aspiring authors?

Don't give up. You will face a LOT of rejection on your path, that's just a fact of the industry. But remember, even Harry Potter got rejected. :)

BK:  Where can readers find you?  (Facebook, twitter, website, blog, etc.)

My website is www.theauthorphoenix.com, and you can follow me on Twitter at RisingPhoenix89. I also have a channel on YouTube where I post videos about my thoughts on various things, mostly the goings on of the entertainment world. The channel name is DemonWithAHumanHeart.

BK:  Do you have any special announcements or events you would like to share with readers today?

I'm selling signed copies through my website, www.theauthorphoenix.com. Just click on the Books Tab and you'll find the link below the plot summary.

Zach is also currently touring with the Virtual Book Tour Cafe', and you can view his schedule HERE.

Zachery Richardson, casually Zach, was born in Seattle WA on August 8th, 1989, and was raised in Lake Oswego, OR. It is perhaps the greatest irony of all that his chosen career is that of an author when as a child, his second least favorite subject in school was writing. Math was number one, and their relationship remains strained to this day.

However, the switch was flipped in middle school when his teacher assigned a creative writing project. Having finally been given a productive outlet for his wildly active imagination, Zach dove headfirst into the world of author-dom and never looked back. By his freshman year of high school, he'd completed his first "book"; a 300 page fanfiction set in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. Afterwards, he turned his attention to a series of wholly original works that would become Chronicles of the Apocalypse in the subsequent year.

While Chronicles of the Apocalypse (or COTA as he likes to call it) remains his central focus, Zach has also begun work on several other projects in the Young Adult and High Fantasy genres.

He currently lives in Wilsonville, OR.

When you sacrifice the lives of your wife and children to prevent the world's most powerful clan of assassins from unleashing the Apocalypse, what does that make you? And what do you do when you learn that it was all in vain? For Jin Sakai, that sacrifice turned him into a mere shell of a man, filled only with guilt and hatred. When he learns that it was a sacrifice made in vain, he instantly sets out on a violent one-man war to tear the assassins' clan down around their ears. After all, who better to destroy them than the man who brought them together?

Things soon turn down a darker path as Jin uncovers the disturbing truth behind his family's sacrifice; a truth he was never meant to learn. Undone by the revelation, Jin is consumed by doubt and confusion and very nearly loses his life. It is only later when he meets Leah Lawson, a woman with a past almost as dark as his own, that his doubt and confusion vanish and he begins to see a path that will not only lead him to his revenge, but to his redemption.

Unfortunately, there is far more going on behind the scenes than Jin realizes. Forces are at play that have been manipulating the course of his life ever since he was born. By setting out on his quest for vengeance, Jin unknowingly cements his destiny as one of the key warriors in the apocalyptic war that’s brewing just beneath the surface.

Website: www.theauthorphoenix.com

Thank you so much for being at the Round Table today.  It's been such a pleasure chatting with you and I wish you much success in the future.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Writer's Should Never Clean House with Pepper O'Neal.

Today we welcome author Pepper O'Neal who is currently touring with her book, Blood Fest, Chasing Destiny. Pepper is sharing today why writer's should never clean house, comment today for one chance to win, then she will be back on the 15th for some fun facts and another chance for you to win an e-copy of her fantastic book. So enough of my babbling, Welcome Pepper and you can now have the floor.....

Writers Should Never Clean House!

Why? you ask. Well, for one thing we can’t be trusted. At least I can’t. I’m a writer. I write. If I’m not chained to my computer, banging on my keyboard, I’m writing in my head. Now, I can write in my head while driving to the store or going to a doctor’s appointment. Writing in my head and driving seem to work very well for me. House cleaning and writing in my head? Nope, doesn’t work at all.

Case in point is the time I opened the dishwasher to put in the soap before I started it and found the synopsis and first three chapters of my WIP laying on top of the dishes from the previous night’s spaghetti dinner. What complicated scene or plot point I was working out in my head when I did that, I don’t have a frigging clue.

Then there was the time I searched high and low in my office, trying to find my reading glasses. Thinking perhaps I left them by the sink when I went to refill my glass of water—it was water, honest—I headed for the kitchen and found the ice cream sitting on the counter. Not only didn’t I remember putting it there, but I don’t even like Rocky Road. And when I opened the freezer to put it back, what did I find? You guessed it. My glasses were saving the ice cream’s spot on the freezer shelf. Again, what I could have possibly been writing at the time I did this completely escapes me.

Another reason writers should never clean house is that it never accomplishes anything. When I revised a chapter while working on my new book, Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny, I knew without a doubt if I came back to that chapter a week or even a month later, it would still be revised, all the words exactly where I left them. Not true of my house. I can clean it until it’s spotless, look up from my computer in a day or two, and it’s a mess again. How the hell does that happen? My editor tells me it’s a bad practice to keep repeating myself in my writing. But if I do it with housework, won’t it become a habit? Best not to risk it.

Now, every once in a while, when I absolutely can’t stand it anymore, I have no choice but to clean it. So then I use shortcuts—that way I can get back to the important stuff, like writing. For example, I have found the easiest and fastest way to dust is to walk around the house and blow on the furniture. It simple, somewhat effective, and doesn’t require me to track down the duster, which is probably stashed in the refrigerator, anyway.

Besides, since the house is already a disaster, why should I even bother to clean it? My significant other’s in the military, and every available surface is covered in army stuff piled on top of army stuff. If I do eventually manage to clean off an area, he just brings in more army junk and fills it back up again. He also a car buff, so any place that isn’t heaped with army shit is stuffed with car crap. I have a beautiful glass and oak coffee table in my living room. At least I think I do. I used to. I haven’t actually seen it in months since it’s buried under a mountain of...man stuff. It’s gotten so bad that when he leaves on a field mission and takes most of the duffle bags and big stuff with him, the cats have so much more room to play, they think we’ve moved to a bigger house.

However, I do have a plan. I’m a house plant fanatic. I love them, and I’m always finding another one that just has to come home with me. So, I figure I’ll just fill my house up with so many plants, eventually they’ll spread and cover all the piles—sort of like those evergreen blackberry vines that will grow to cover everything, including you if you stand still long enough—so even though I won’t have any more room in my house, at least I won’t have to look at the mess.

A struggling  private detective in Los Angeles, Chase Alcott has no idea about her unique genetic makeup. So when she takes on a new client—an old man with ulterior motives—Chase is unaware of the danger she will soon face. Traveling to England to solve a mysterious murder at the request of her new client, Chase encounters terrifying creatures she thought only existed in her nightmares—creatures bent on her surrender or destruction—only to find out she’s one of them. Caught in a web of evil and deception after learning some terrifying truths about her long dead parents, Chase doesn’t know who to believe. Does she dare trust the enigmatic Roman, a man with dark secrets of his own, when she can no longer even trust herself?

About Pepper O'Neal:
Award-winning author, Pepper O’Neal is a researcher, a writer, and an adrenalin junkie. She has a doctorate in education and spent several years in Mexico and the Caribbean working as researcher for an educational resource firm based out of Mexico City. During that time, she met and befriended many adventurers like herself, including former CIA officers and members of organized crime. Her fiction is heavily influenced by the stories they shared with her, as well her own experiences abroad.

O’Neal attributes both her love of adventure and her compulsion to write fiction to her Irish and Cherokee ancestors. When she’s not at her computer, she spends her time taking long walks in the forests near her home or playing with her three cats. And of course, planning the next adventure.

Thank you for stopping in today and sharing with us Pepper. Now don't forget Pepper will be back on the 15th, and you will have a chance to win a copy of her book, Blood Fest. In order to win though, and here's the catch to see if you're all actually reading (lol), leave a comment here today and then again on the 15th for your chance to win. Today, tell Pepper what you thought about her post and why you would love to read her book. Then stop back in on the 15th to check out our fun facts with Pepper and one last chance to win. You will receive an entry for both post comments :).

Monday, August 8, 2011

At the Round Table & Giveaway with Pamela Samuels Young - Murder on the Down Low

Pamela Samuels Young

Welcome to the Round Table. 
May I offer you a beverage before we begin?  
Tantalizing tea.  

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today.  It's so nice to have you at the Round Table.
BK:  Please tell us a bit about yourself.... 
I’m a lawyer, writer, wife, step-mother and more!  I’m currently practicing as an in-house employment attorney for a large corporation in Southern California, yet I’ve still managed to publish four books in the last five years.  Nothing short of passion made that possible. I was always an avid reader, but I never thought about novel writing. I wanted to be a journalist and majored in journalism in college. I spent five years as a television news writer and associate producer before going to law school. It was after law school that I stumbled into writing legal thrillers.
BK:  What inspired you to pen this novel? 
The Oprah show gets credit for Murder on the Down Low. I can still remember the day I watched in stunned silence as Oprah interviewed JL King, the author of On the Down Low.  He boldly professed to sleeping with men, but at the same time, claimed that he was heterosexual. His shocking revelations about the secret world of men on the “down low” really shook me up. The very next day while I was driving to work, the plot for Murder on the Down Low came to me:  What if attractive, successful African-African men were being gunned down on the streets of L.A. and no one knew why? 
BK:  What draws you to write in this genre? 
My love of a good mystery with lots of twists and turns.
BK:  How do you keep your writing different from all the other novels in this genre? 
My fast-paced stories distinguish me from other writers in my genre.  My background as a lawyer gives my legal thrillers an authenticity.
BK:  Who is your favorite character and why?
Without a doubt, my favorite character is Special, my main character’s best friend. She’s savvy, street smart, and sexy and more often than not she goes with her emotions no matter what the consequences. That makes her both challenging and fun to write.

BK:  Which character would you most invite to dinner? 
Special. I think she would keep me laughing.
BK:  Any advice for new aspiring authors? 
First, master your craft!  Take the time to study writing the same way you would study any other profession. Also, read like a writer. When you read a book you enjoy, study the author’s writing style and the book’s story structure. Ask yourself why the book was a great read.
Second, don’t let rejection keep you from pursuing your dream.  Most successful authors experienced years of rejection. John Grisham, for instance, received 45 rejection letters and self-published A Time to Kill because people told him no one wanted to read about lawyers.  How wrong they were!  So if you think you have a marketable book, don’t give up on your dream.
BK:  Where can readers find you?  (Facebook, twitter, website, blog, etc.)  Questions if your book is a series:
My website is www.pamelasamuelsyoung.com. I can be reached on Facebook under my name.
BK:  What inspired your book to be a series?
I didn’t start out planning to write a series.  When I started meeting with book clubs, they kept asking what was going to happen next with these characters. That’s when I decided to write another book with the same characters. Now I can’t let them go.  I’m currently working on the four book in the series.
BK:  Do you have a favorite book in the series?
Definitely Murder on the Down Low.  I learned quite while writing it.
BK: What is your favorite food and restaurant?
I love gumbo and Applebees.
BK:  Can you tell us about any projects you are currently working on?
I’m currently working on Attorney-Client Privilege the fourth book in the Vernetta Henderson mystery series. In Attorney-Client Privilege, Vernetta squares off against an unscrupulous female attorney in an explosive gender discrimination case that threatens to bring down a corporation.  Meantime, Vernetta’s best friend Special, once again finds herself faced with a personal crises that will make you laugh, cry and root for her until the very end.  It will be released next year.
Fun Facts: 
BK:  Fantasy or Horror?
BK:  Day or Night?
BK:  Favorite Drink?
Fresh squeezed apple juice.
BK:  Favorite Movie?
Splendor in the Grass and Friday.
BK:  What is a must have to write?
A neat area.
BK:  If you could possess a supernatural power,  what would it be and why?
The ability to see into the future.
BK:  Favorite Book?
Too many to name!
BK:  Favorite Author?
I enjoy Walter Mosley, Tammy Hoag and Greg Isles.
BK:  Favorite Song?
Can’t pick just one! I love R&B, gospel and country music.
BK:  Favorite Saying?
I can do all things through God who strengthens me!
BK:  Sometimes while reading a book we visualize a certain actor/actress playing the part.  If your book were being made into a movie,  which actor or actresses do you see playing the part(s)?
Jada Pinkett Smith would be Special. I could see her in the role as I was writing. The other characters are up for grabs!
BK:  What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to know about you?
No surprises. I’m pretty predictable.
BK:  What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
I can’t think of one crazy thing I’ve done.  I guess that’s why I write.  I can allow my characters to do crazy stuff.
BK:  If someone could describe you in one word,  what would it be?
Thank you so much for being at the Round Table today.  It's been such a pleasure chatting with you and I wish you much success in the future.
About Pamela:
Corporate attorney Pamela Samuels Young has always abided by the philosophy that you create the change you want to see. Fed up with never seeing women or people of color depicted as savvy, hot shot attorneys in the legal thrillers she read, the Compton Native decided to create her own characters. Despite the demands of a busy legal career, Pamela accomplished her ambitious goal by rising at four in the morning to write before work, dedicating her weekends to writing and even spending her vacation time glued to her laptop for ten or more hours a day. The Essence magazine bestselling author now has four fast-paced legal thrillers to show for her efforts.
Pamela’s debut novel, Every Reasonable Doubt (February 2006), won the Black Expressions Book Club’s Fiction Writing Contest, received an honorable mention in the SEAK Legal Fiction Writing Competition and was a USA Book News Best Books of 2006 finalist in the mystery, suspense and thriller category. Her second novel, In Firm Pursuit (January 2007) was honored by Romantic Times magazine as a finalist for Best African-American Novel of 2007. Murder on the Down Low (September 2008), Pamela’s third release, was an “Editor’s Pick” by Black Expressions magazine and a finalist for the 2009 African-American Literary Awards in the mystery category, and was a USA Book News Best Books of 2009 finalist in the African American fiction category. Pamela then published her first stand-alone novel, Buying Time (November 2009). The Black Caucus of the American Library Association honored Buying Time with its 2010 Fiction Award, calling the book "a captivating, suspenseful thriller." Her short story, Setup, was selected for the 2006 Sisters in Crime anthology, LAndmarked for Murder.
Pamela has achieved a successful writing career while working as Managing Counsel for Labor and Employment Law for a major corporation in Southern California. Prior to that, she served as Employment Law Counsel for Raytheon Company and spent several years with the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers, LLP in Los Angeles. A former journalist, Pamela began her broadcasting career as a production assistant at WXYZ-TV in Detroit, where she was quickly promoted to news writer. To escape the brutal Detroit winters, she returned home to Los Angeles and worked at KCBS-TV as a news writer and associate producer..  
A former Coro Foundation Fellow, Pamela has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from USC and a master’s degree in broadcasting from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She received her law degree from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law and was formerly an adjunct professor at the University of Redlands’ School of Business. Pamela currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America and is the Fiction Expert for BizyMoms.com.
Pamela is a frequent speaker on the topics of discrimination law, writing and pursuing your passion. She is married and lives in the Los Angeles area. To contact Pamela or to read an excerpt of her books, visit www.pamelasamuelsyoung.com.

A high-profile lawsuit erupts into chaos, revealing its place in a larger spree of violence in this scandalous tale of lust, lies, and vengeance. A brazen gunman is targeting prominent African American men on the streets of Los Angeles, and police are completely baffled. At the same time, savvy big-firm attorney Vernetta Henderson and her outrageous sidekick, Special, lead the charge for revenge against a man whose deceit caused his fianceé's death. For Special, hauling the man into court and suing him for wrongful death just isn’t good enough. While she exacts her own brand of justice, a shocking revelation connects the contentious lawsuit and the puzzling murders.

A copy of Murder on the Down Low. Simply leave Pamela a comment telling her what you think about how this book came to life with your email address.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Romancing Your Dark Side Author Spotlight & Giveaway #2

Welcome to part 2 of our author spotlight for the Romancing Your Dark Side Tour. Thank you all that stopped in and left a comment for our wonderful authors yesterday, you guys are awesome! Our winner from yesterday's post:

Pulse of Heroes signed Poster by A. Jacob Sweeny is LISA RICHARDS!

Choice of E-book for either Whatnots and Doodads or Sleight is InlovewithTwilight7!

Congratulations! Please email me bkwalkerbooks@comcast.net

Today our spotlights are for the next three in our lineup, plus I'm throwing in an E-book of Night Secrets to the mix. Just leave a comment with your email address, and of course you can gain extra entries by leaving a separate comment for each extra completed :).

Here they are:

In between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters hot, addictive lives and choices. She often burns dinner, is hooked on chocolate and still believes in happily ever after. You can find her online chatting with her Facebook HOT Club fans, helping out at 1stTurningPoint.com and the Indie Book Collective and more. She makes her home in Arizona with her two cuddly kids, talented husband and, someday, many, many cats.

Fierce Dawn Blurb:

Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after her.

The man who haunts her dreams enters her reality, claiming she's transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human.

Battle lines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for her life, but for mankind's as well.
***More Acclaim for Fierce Dawn...

"Conspiracy, vampires, human changelings? I dare you to put this fresh take on the genre down!"
-ParaYourNormal, 5 stars

"A stunning premier to a series with huge potential. I'm hooked!"
-Your Need To Read, 5 stars

Charlaine Harris and Sherrilyn Kenyon fans will devour this one.

** for Historical Fantasy, get Irish Moon by Amber Scott
** for Light Paranormal, grab Play Fling by Amber Scott
** for Vegas ParaRealm, try Love Lust by Amber Scott
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Jaz Primo is an author, history aficionado, "pun-master", and all-around fan of things vampire and urban fantasy. Fueled by an active imagination, cold Coca-Cola, and chocolate, he strives to bring a new voice to today's array of vampire fiction. He's an avid book worm, resulting in the constant tug-of-war between reading and writing his next novel. When not pouring over a keyboard or Kindle, Jaz can be found tending a veggie garden or casting a variety of colorful lures into bodies of water as he urges the bass to bite, often using his best fish puns. He has enjoyed a fulfilling background and career in higher education, including his passionate hobby of teaching U.S. History classes during evenings. He is a native of Oklahoma where he lives with his wife and a talkative, long-lived cat. Visit his website at www.jazprimo.com and his blog is at http://primovampires.blogspot.com.

Surise at Sunset Blurb:

“We vampires are focused and tend to shape our own realities.”

My name is Katrina Rawlings, and I am a vampire. I declare that with neither pride nor ego. I am simply nature’s most dangerous predator. On occasion, it’s a very valuable quality. It helped me protect Caleb Taylor one day when he was very young. But that single, traumatic day is behind him now; wiped from his memory, or so I hope.

Caleb has finally matured into a rather striking young man, and believe me, I like what I see. I’ll readily admit that there are issues for us to confront and overcome, though a sense of mutual commitment isn’t one of them. I’m feeling hopeful for our future together, in fact. But an adversary from my past has returned to haunt me, and she’s trying to get back at me through Caleb. That was her first...and last...mistake. I’ll protect my Caleb at all costs, and I’ll make her regret the day she was born.

So, I suppose that I’m not just a vampire. I’m about to become someone’s worst nightmare!


Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she’d never been, introduce her to people she’s never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her. 

Embody Blurb:

Not many Scorpio’s are known for their patience, and Willow Haywood is no different. Her only desire is to love Landen Chambers and redeem the lost souls of Esterious, but the path to that desire is long, dark and dangerous...

Before Willow’s life had a chance to balance the sudden revelations and grief she had to endure to get to Chara a disturbing discovery is made. A photo, one that shows Willow blissfully embracing the flawless image of Drake Blakeshire; giving her not only proof that she had lived before, but that she had loved him.
Running away from the memory of Drake’s hypnotizing touch, and the prophecy set before her seemed like the logical thing to do. That is, until a dark dream reignites her passion to save the hopeless dimension of Esterious. Willow struggles to find patience – to learn everything she needs to know before she faces Drake again, but her eagerness is dangerous and one step in the wrong direction takes everything and everyone away from her – the only way to survive this trial is for Willow to remember who she is and what she really wants out of this life.


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Romancing Your Dark Side & Giveaway

Welcome to Romancing Your Dark Side Paranormal Book Tour, brought to you by Book Reader Addicts and The VBT Cafe'. Today I'm spotlighting 3 of the 7 authors on tour, you can meet them today, learn about their books, and leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of their books. This tour is going to be an awesome tour with a grand prize giveaway for a brand new Kindle and Virtual Gift Basket. Follow the tour over the next 3 months and for every comment you leave you gain an entry for that Kindle, not to mention to be entered for the giveaway that day with that host. You can view the full schedule for each author at The Virtual Book Tour Cafe' Blog.

Come back tomorrow to meet the other three authors and enter to win their books too :).

Stacey Kennedy’s urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller lists. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at www.staceykennedy.com, she loves to hear from her readers.

Whatnots and Doodads Blurb:

For Bryanna, a witch from the Asheville Coven, magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. It just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow--a place where being different is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

When Bryanna arrives in Strange Hollow, Zeke, a demon gone good, is burning with Hell’s fire over her. Not only has she set his world ablaze, but he’s found one soul he can save. He’s determined to free her from the insecurities that have damaged her soul.

Together they experience lava-hot passion as they weave their way through a tornado of emotions. But when Layton returns for her, will Zeke’s attempts to break the unworthy cage woven around her be enough to keep her in Strange Hollow forever? 

A. Jacob Sweeny holds a degree in History with an emphasis on Ancient Near East. Her immersion in world myths and her archaeological fieldwork provided the initial spark that led to the development of Pulse Of Heroes. Besides writing, A. Jacob Sweeny is a strong advocate for the protection of women and children worldwide. She enjoys cooking spicy food and regularly suffers from bouts of creative insomnia.
Pulse Of Heroes Blurb:

Pulse of Heroes weaves together elements from several different genres: romance, suspense, myth/fantasy, paranormal, history and at its core, a heroine’s journey and transformation. A. Jacob Sweeny has crafted a true and sensitive coming-of-age narrative of a quirky teenage girl protagonist becoming a confident young woman with her own voice. At the same time, she draws the reader into a gripping adventure filled with fantastic historical elements and the crushing intensity of first love. Pulse of Heroes is a YA/crossover novel with memorable characters and several story arcs. It has a multi-cultural perspective with characters from around the globe, and a prominent female point-of-view. "A very dark fairy tale…"
Michelle used to feel like she was behind in everything, especially relationships. Her great aunt says she is like a bland meal, "no salt or pepper". But in junior year, everything changes. Her father takes a position on the Town Council, a popular boy in school is interested in her, and most importantly, the Hekademos Learning Center, a private school for 'troubled' students, moves into her quiet neighborhood amidst the protests of the entire town.
Upon seeing the School Regent out with a group of young guys just before Christmas, Michelle is convinced that there is something odd about them. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she embarks upon a mission to figure out what is really going on. After an embarrassing fall over the school wall, Michelle meets Elliot and her ordinary ‘bland’ life changes its course forever.
Elliot is no ordinary human. No one at the Hekademos Learning Center is. Beautiful and fierce, they have survived throughout the millennia by weaving in and out of human events. Although Elliot carries numerous painful memories from his many pasts, he disregards his own better judgment and the advice of his friends, and finds himself falling for Michelle‘s offbeat personality.
At Elliot's side, Michelle must learn to deal with the bundle of contradictory emotions called love, But when History catches up with them, the difference between their life paths threatens to destroy any future that they might have had together. Ultimately, Michelle will have to trust her intuition in order to face the danger and uncertainty of being drawn into Elliot's wondrous world.

Jennifer Sommersby, writer and copy editor, is an American ex-pat who lives in the Great White North (western Canada) with her family. She was a member of the 2007 fiction cohort of Simon Fraser University's The Writer's Studio. Her first novel, a YA paranormal/urban fantasy, is called Sleight: Book One of the AVRA-K, and was released in March 2011.

Sleight Blurb:

Her mom is dead.
Ghosts follow her around.
Her best friend is an elephant.
And she’s about to meet the biggest game changer of all: a boy. With a secret.

When circus-dwelling Gemma Flannery learns she will be attending public school for the first time in her seventeen years, little does she know that fitting in with her 12th-grade classmates will be the least of her concerns. A pro at hiding her knack for seeing the dead (“shades”), Gemma is grieving the recent suicide of her mentally ill mother, a process eased by the introduction of her first real love interest, the charming and painfully handsome Henry Dmitri, who is harboring his own collection of dangerous secrets. Together, they will be presented with a frightening challenge: to assume their roles as heirs to a 3000-year-old magical text, the AVRAKEDAVRA, a book the über-rich, sleight-of-being master Lucian Dmitri would do anything to get his hands on. As each terrifying layer in her new reality melts away, Gemma unearths truths that her quiet, nomadic life with the Cinzio Traveling Players is not at all what she’d always cherished. Gemma and Henry must rely on each other to stop Lucian’s diabolical plotting that will bring the world to its tired, scab-riddled knees, and are sent on the flight of their young lives, to save themselves, their families, and the world from the darkest kind of destruction.

Let the chase begin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Flaming Roses for Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez

Hunting HumanHunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say? I was enthralled with this title. Hunting Human is a must read for anyone that loves a good paranormal romance! The cover is gorgeous too!

Beth Williams leads a life of keeping to herself. She is working for Angie and loves the commotion that always arises when she is at the Cafe'. When Braden Edwards walks into her life, she isn't prepared for the whirlwind of events that are about to take place.

Beth finds herself forced to relive the death of her best friend, and becoming a werewolf when the brother of the man that turned her is seeking revenge for his brothers death at Beth's hands. Now she must face the demon within her and the ones that surround her. The problem is that she doesn't know how to shift without the pain. Once she realizes that Braden too is a wolf, they must learn to look past all the bad and trust each other if they are to defeat Markko and his Bolvek clan.

The question is, will love survive?

Alvarez did a wonderful job with Hunting Human. Not only does she put her own twist on this paranormal realm, it was a type of paranormal that I've not seen too often. I loved Beth, and just wanted to give her a hug and tell her it would be alright. Braden, WHEW, I want me a Braden. Who wouldn't? Then we have Chase. I think I could like him a bunch, maybe not at first, but he grew on my as the story went on. All in all, I loved all these characters, could easily relate to them, and found myself laughing a lot at Mom Edwards. She's a put her foot down and do as I say kind of gal and I loved it.

This was a fantastic read, fast paced and it will surely have you turning the pages to see how it all ends.

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