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-Winston Churchill

Friday, May 30, 2014

Interview with Author, Suzanne Johnson - Sentinels of New Orleans Series (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Elysian Fields

Sentinels of New Orleans Series

Book Three
Suzanne Johnson

Welcome to IAB. I'm so glad you could stop in today to chat. May I offer you a beverage? 

I’ll have a Magic Margarita, please!

Now that we are settled in, let's get to know you better.

BK: Looking out the nearest window, describe the scene you see.

I see the big curve in the Mississippi River as it winds past the French Quarter in New Orleans, and a big freighter docked on the other side.

BK: Tell us about your office. Is it a mess like mine, or is everything in its place?

OMG. It’s a disaster. I have a little pig trail through the piles of books, papers, art supplies, books, clothes, and books. The worse my deadlines get, the worse my housekeeping. Which isn’t great to begin with.

BK: What is a must-have, such as coffee or a favorite pen, that you need to write?

I need Diet Coke in a bottle, not a can, and (weird, I know), I don’t really want it chilled. Room temperature holds its carbonation better. I pretend I’m being European, but it’s really because it stays carbonated longer.

BK: Do you like to write in silence, or do you need music or background noise?

If I’m revising or copyediting, I like music, but I can’t write to music. If I’m writing, the music’s off. I just don’t hear background noise. I guess it’s from learning to work at a newspaper and write in a newsroom—I can completely block out noises and voices (but not music).

BK: Tell us a bit about your hero/heroine, and their development.

When the series begins (in Royal Street), the heroine, DJ, has led a pretty sheltered life. She’s a Green Congress wizard (ritual magic), but she received her magical training from her mentor so she hasn’t had a lot of real-world experience. She did go to a regular human university (humans don’t know about the other species) so she could learn to mainstream. When Hurricane Katrina hits and New Orleans’ levees fail, she loses most of the people and things she’s used to define herself and her place in the world, so she has to grow up fast. As the series has progressed (through book two, River Road, and book three, Elysian Fields) she’s come to know herself better, to trust her instincts more, and to assert her powers more. That progression will continue as the series goes on.

BK: As a writer myself, I'm always curious how other writers get through stumbling blocks. When you find a story not flowing, or a character trying to fight you, how do you correct it?

I go old-school. I shut down the computer, go off in a quiet corner with a notebook and a pen, and I start sketching out my character’s pros and cons, his flaws and his strengths. I try out different scenarios for the scene that’s giving me trouble and see what works best. Usually, if a character is giving me fits it’s because I haven’t gotten him or her fully developed in my mind or I’m trying to force a scene that isn’t consistent with their personalities. As soon as I’ve given it some serious thought, I go back and force myself to write the scene. I won’t let it fester long. Even if what I write is crappy and I know I’m going to go back and change it, I get it on paper. That keeps a stumbling block from becoming a writing block.

BK: Using the letters of your first name as an acronym, describe your book...

Hahaha. Crap, I would have a name with a freaking Z in it. Can I change my name to Pam? No? Okay, I’ll just cheat.

Sexy pirates
Urban fantasy
Zaftig serial killer
Axe murderer
Nonstop Action
Eek! Elves!

BK: How did your writing journey begin?

With Hurricane Katrina. I was living in New Orleans at the time of the storm and went back for a couple of years of rebuilding before moving away for family reasons. I found myself in a small town where I didn’t know anyone, was horribly homesick for New Orleans, still had some residual PTSD from the storm, and decided to try working it off by writing a book, which became Royal Street. There’s a line toward the end of the book that says something like: “Katrina took, and she gave.” I lost a lot but wouldn’t trade my “new” career writing fiction for anything.

BK: Using the letters from the word, Summer, how would friends and family describe you?

Suzanne understands methodically measuring every ramification….I think that means I’m pretty intense and obsessive about my work, but I’m not sure.

BK: What is the craziest thing you've ever written about, whether it got published or not?

I’ve written some wacky flash fiction shorts in the Sentinels series world. Craziest….Probably the story of the undead pirate Jean Lafitte in a supermarket looking for cat food (he thinks the cat is the food so he goes to the butcher department).

BK: Tell us one thing you've done in life, that readers would be most surprised to know.

I break out in hives when I’m stressed—this only began two or three years ago. I have them now because I have a ridiculously tight deadline coming up.

BK: What can we expect from you in the future?

Writing as Susannah Sandlin, the fourth book in my Penton Legacy, comes out on June 10. The fourth Sentinels book, Pirate’s Alley, is in the revision process and will come out next spring. I hope to have a collection of shorts in the Sentinels world this fall.

This or That...

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Night Owl or Early Bird? Early bird (who’s only able to find writing time late at night, making me an early-bird-but-reluctant-night-owl).

Fantasy or Mystery? Fantasy

Pen/Paper or Computer? Computer

Pizza or Burger? Burger

Rock or Country? Both

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Thank you so much for having us as one of your stops today. It has been great getting to know more about you and your book, and hope you will come back when the next release is out (*hinthint*)

Thanks for having me here today!

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Tor Books
Date of Publication: August 13, 2013

ISBN: 978-0765333193

Number of pages: 352
Word Count: approx. 102,000

Cover Artist: Cliff Nielsen

Book Description:

The mer feud has been settled, but life in South Louisiana still has more twists and turns than the muddy Mississippi. New Orleanians are under attack from a copycat killer mimicking the crimes of a 1918 serial murderer known as the Axeman of New Orleans.

Thanks to a tip from the undead pirate Jean Lafitte, DJ Jaco knows the attacks aren't random--an unknown necromancer has resurrected the original Axeman of New Orleans, and his ultimate target is a certain blonde wizard.

Namely, DJ. Fighting off an undead serial killer as troubles pile up around her isn't easy. Jake Warin's loup-garou nature is spiraling downward, enigmatic neighbor Quince Randolph is acting weirder than ever, the Elders are insisting on lessons in elven magic from the world's most annoying wizard, and former partner Alex
Warin just turned up on DJ's to-do list. Not to mention big maneuvers are afoot in the halls of preternatural power.

Suddenly, moving to the Beyond as Jean Lafitte's pirate wench? It could be DJ's best option.

River Road

Sentinels of New Orleans
Book Two
Suzanne Johnson

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 978-0765327802
ASIN: B00842H5VI

Number of pages: 336
Word Count: approx. 92,000

Cover Artist: Cliff Nielsen

Book Description:

Hurricane Katrina is long gone, but the preternatural storm rages on in New Orleans. New species from the Beyond moved into Louisiana after the hurricane destroyed the borders between worlds, and it falls to wizard sentinel Drusilla Jaco and her partner, Alex Warin, to keep the preternaturals peaceful and the humans unaware. But a war is brewing between two clans of Cajun merpeople in Plaquemines Parish, and down in the swamp, DJ learns, there’s more stirring than angry mermen and the threat of a were-gator.

Wizards are dying, and something—or someone—from the Beyond is poisoning the waters of the mighty Mississippi, threatening the humans who live and work along the river. DJ and Alex must figure out what unearthly source is contaminating the water and who—or what—is killing the wizards. Is it a malcontented merman, the naughty nymph, or some other critter altogether? After all, DJ’s undead suitor, the pirate Jean Lafitte, knows his way around a body or two.

It’s anything but smooth sailing on the bayou as the Sentinels of New Orleans series continues.

Royal Street
Sentinels of New Orleans
Book One
Suzanne Johnson

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 978-0765327796
ASIN: B006OM459U

Number of pages: 337
Word Count: approx. 94,000

Cover Artist: Cliff Nielsen

Book Description:

As the junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans, Drusilla Jaco's job involves a lot more potion-mixing and pixie-retrieval than sniffing out supernatural bad guys like rogue vampires and lethal were-creatures. DJ's boss and mentor, Gerald St. Simon, is the wizard tasked with protecting the city from anyone or anything that might slip over from the preternatural beyond.

Then Hurricane Katrina hammers New Orleans' fragile levees, unleashing more than just dangerous flood waters. While winds howled and Lake Pontchartrain surged, the borders between the modern city and the Otherworld crumbled. Now the undead and the restless are roaming the Big Easy, and a serial killer with ties to voodoo is murdering soldiers sent to help the city recover.

To make it worse, Gerald St. Simon has gone missing, the wizards' Elders have assigned a grenade-toting assassin as DJ's new partner, and undead pirate Jean Lafitte wants to make her walk his plank. The search for Gerry and the killer turns personal when DJ learns the hard way that loyalty requires sacrifice, allies come from the unlikeliest places, and duty mixed with love creates one bitter roux.

About the Author:

On Aug. 28, 2005, Suzanne Johnson loaded two dogs, a cat, a friend, and her mom into a car and fled New Orleans in the hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Four years later, she began weaving her experiences and love for her city into the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series, beginning with Royal Street (2012), continuing with River Road (2012), and now with Elysian Fields (August 2013).

She grew up in rural Alabama, halfway between the Bear Bryant Museum and Elvis’ birthplace, and lived in New Orleans for fifteen years—which means she has a highly refined sense of the absurd and an ingrained love of SEC football and fried gator on a stick.

As Susannah Sandlin, she writes the best-selling Penton Vampire Legacy paranormal romance series and the recent standalone, Storm Force.


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2 Signed books and swag packs

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview With Author, Pembroke Sinclair - Finding Eden (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Finding Eden
Pembroke Sinclair

Genre: Zombie horror

Publisher: eTreasures Publishing

Date of Publication: March 2013

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1937809285
ISBN-13: 978-1937809287

Number of pages: 150

Cover Artist: Jared Rackler

Book Description:

Drunk womanizer Duke, spends his life selfishly taking care of himself and screw the rest of the world. After one particular black-out alcoholic binge, he wakes to find the world changed the dead are rising from their graves.

Lonely, guilt-ridden Hank is someone who minds his own business, and sympathetic but strong-willed Lana is on the receiving end of harassment by other students. Forced together for survival, the three misfits must confront their world gone strange. God said the people of Earth would be punished for their sins, and so the end has come. Duke, Hank, and Lana must walk their own paths to salvation, but they also must depend on each other.

Will their salvation lie in Finding Eden?


Duke’s tires squealed as he slammed on the brakes, stopping inches from the garage door. He shut off the engine. The keys fell from his hands and clinked onto the floor.
He leaned forward, smacking his head on the steering wheel. Stars danced in front of his eyes, and he swore under his breath. Holding his forehead, he opened the car door and stepped out. He lost his balance and almost fell. Grabbing the top of the door, he chuckled.
“Oooo!” he exclaimed. “Might have had too much to drink.” He laughed again.
With shaky steps, he headed for his house. After two steps, he lurched to the right, almost falling into his hedges. He caught himself on the side of the garage. Footsteps sounded behind him. He turned, a little too fast. His vision blurred. Someone stood at the back of his car. The outline was distinctly female. Did he bring someone home with him? He usually remembered when he picked someone up. He usually focused on what he wanted to do with her.
He blinked a few times, clearing his vision. The woman came into view. Duke smiled.
“Heeey, Chanel.” He attempted to take a step forward, but swayed back and forth, almost falling on his face. He thought better of approaching her. “What are you doing out this time of night?”
Chanel didn’t answer.
Duke’s stomach clenched, the contents threatened to splash out. He swallowed the chunks back down. He needed some water, or another drink before passing out, but he didn’t want to pass up a chance of female companionship. Hopefully, she was just playing hard to get.
“You wanna come in and have a drink?”
In response, she gurgled. A low, rumbling sound that originated deep in her throat.
At first, Duke though maybe she burped, and was taken aback. Chanel was one of those women who didn’t leave the house without every hair in place. Was she even capable of producing gas?
His stomach lurched again. He barely closed his mouth before the vomit escaped. He covered his mouth with his hand and choked down the bile. He needed to get inside.
“Well, I’m gonna head inside. That offer still stands if you want a drink.”
He stumbled toward the stairs. His toe caught on the edge, but he caught himself before falling down. His face reddened, and he glanced over his shoulder. Chanel still stood at the back of the vehicle, watching his every move. Odd, he thought. What is she doing? But he didn’t have long to worry about it. His top priority was getting something to drink.
Duke kept a bottle of orange Gatorade in his fridge for such occasions. Bathed in the white glow of the fridge light, he downed the entire bottle, liquid running down his chin. He gasped in air when he finished, then let out a long, rumbling burp. Something shuffled in the living room. He glanced into the darkness. A shadow moved. He smiled to himself. He knew she couldn’t resist his charms for long.
Pushing the fridge door closed, he stepped into the other room. He contemplated turning on a light, but thought better of it. The hunt would be more fun in the dark. He took another step, and the floor rolled under him. He couldn’t regain his balance. His knee hit first. A dull ache throbbed up his thigh. He was going to feel that in the morning. Then his shoulder thumped onto the floor, followed by his head. He yowled.
His expectation was that Chanel would rush to his side, maybe turn on a light, to find out if he was all right. Instead, she stood there. What was wrong with her? Didn’t she care? Duke rolled onto his hands and knees and crawled to his TV. He punched the button. The flickering light lit the room. He turned to Chanel.
His breath caught. Instinctively, he crab-walked away from her. Her arms hung limply at her side, her skin pale. She stared at nothing, her eyes glazed white with dark circles underneath. Her normally flawless hair stuck out in various directions. Mud streaked her Capri pants. Her ripped white shirt exposed a lacy bra. He cleared his throat and struggled to his feet.
“Chanel? Is everything all right?”
She turned to face him, but stared right through him. That same throaty gurgle escaped her throat. It almost sounded like a growl. Duke’s stomach knotted.
“You know, um, I’m pretty tired. Maybe, ah, we could reschedule that drink for another time.”
She stepped toward him. He stepped to his right.
“It was awfully great seeing you, though.” He glanced at the front door. How was he going to herd her toward it?
She took another step, her mouth falling open. A hiss escaped her lips, and determination shrouded her face. The blood in Duke’s veins went cold. He froze. She lunged forward. She misjudged the distance between them, falling to the ground. Her nails caught his neck, and she dragged them down his flesh. He bolted to the right. Taking the steps two at a time, he ran upstairs. He slammed his bedroom door shut. What was wrong with his neighbor? Was she on some type of drug? The footsteps echoed up the stairs. Slow, methodical steps that thudded through the carpet.
He locked the door and glanced around the room. His gaze fell on the gun safe. How would he explain to the cops the amount of alcohol in his system and his dead neighbor? Maybe just pointing it at her would scare her off. But what if it didn’t? What if she still came after him? He punched in the combination and took out the 300 Winchester and Smith and Wesson Model 629 revolver. Chanel pounded on his bedroom door. Crap! She was relentless! Why couldn’t she be that determined to get in his room before getting high? He glanced at the ceiling. It was his only chance. Pulling down the stairs, he scurried into the attic.
Darkness surrounded him. He stared at the floor for a long time, waiting for the door to open. His head grew cloudy, his eyes heavy. Eventually, he drifted into an alcohol induced sleep, Chanel still pounding on his bedroom door.

Life After the Undead
Book One
Pembroke Sinclair

Genre: YA Horror
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1937809013
ISBN-13: 978-1937809010

Number of pages: 356

Cover Artist: Jerrod Brown

Book Description:

The world has come to an end. It doesn’t go out with a bang, or even a whimper. It goes out in an orgy of blood and the dead rising from their graves to feast on living flesh. As democracy crumples and the world melts into anarchy, five families in the U.S. rise to protect the survivors.

The undead hate a humid environment, so they are migrating westward to escape its deteriorating effects. The survivors are constructing a wall in North Platte to keep the zombie threat to the west, while tyranny rules among the humans to the east.

Capable but naïve Krista is 15 when the first attacks occur, and she loses her family and barely escapes with her life. She makes her way to the wall and begins a new life. But, as the undead threat grows and dictators brainwash those she cares about, Krista must fight not only to survive but also to defend everything she holds dear—her country, her freedom, and ultimately those she loves.

Death to the Undead
Book 2
Pembroke Sinclair

Genre: YA horror
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing

ISBN-10: 1937809226
ISBN-13: 978-1937809225

Number of pages: 286

Cover Artist: Jerrod Brown

Book Description:

The battle that began in Life After the Undead continues.

Zombies changed her life completely...

Tough teenager Krista escaped to the safety of Florida after her parents were killed by the zombie horde. She united with General Liet, a distant cousin, and moved with him to North Platte to help build a wall to keep the zombies in the West. Krista fell in love with Quinn, a survivor and fighter from the zombie-infested wildlands of the West, and together they freed the garrison at North Platte from the power-hungry Liet.

But zombies aren’t the only enemy they have to face...

Now, North Platte is free, but Liet was not the only one using the zombie apocalypse to control their people. Florida is ruled by five ruthless Families, who use intimidation and the threat of the zombie horde to coerce their populace. Krista and Quinn hatch a desperate plan to run guns into the state and help the people revolt. Krista and Quinn, labeled as rebels run for their lives when the Families attack North Platte. The Families want them captured, the zombies want to eat them, and other survivors want them dead. Caught in between powerful forces, they must survive long enough to devise a new plan and put it into action, all while trying to solidify their new relationship and trying not to self-destruct in the meantime.

About the Author:

Pembroke Sinclair is a literary jack of all trades, playing her hand at multiple genres. She has written an eclectic mix of fiction ranging from horror to sci-fi and even some westerns. Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming--the home of 56 nationalities--it is no wonder Pembroke ended up so creatively diverse. Her fascination with the notions of good and evil, demons and angels, and how the lines blur have inspired her writing.
Pembroke lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with her husband, two spirited boys, a black lab named Ryder, and a rescue kitty named Alia, who happens to be the sweetest, most adorable kitty in the world! She cannot say no to dessert, orange soda, or cinnamon. She loves rats and tatts and rock and roll and wants to be an alien queen when she grows up.

You can learn more about Pembroke Sinclair by visiting her at http://pembrokesinclair.blogspot.com/

Giveaway details:

I've recently completed my nonfiction zombie book.

To celebrate this accomplishment, I am giving away three zombie survival kits, which will include Life After the Undead, Death to the Undead, and Finding Eden, along with some fun zombie extras.

If you don't want to risk not winning one of these exciting survival kits, I am also taking orders for them. They will be $40, which includes U.S. shipping. If interested, please email me at pembrokesinclair[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Thanks ~Pembroke.

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Interview with Erotica Romance Author Jeané Sashi - Intimate Moments & The J Spot Tour & Giveaway

Author Bio: Have you noticed that everything you do and everything that you go through in life is a story waiting to be told? Whether it's fiction, fantasy, romance, humor, mystery, or non-fiction; your story can be told. Get the words out of your head...just write.

Jeané has been writing since she was in high school. Although she kept diaries, just as any teenager in high school, she didn't realize her writing potential until she entered and won the Mayor' Essay Award. She critiques and edits the writings of fellow authors. She herself is the author of two novels, "Intimate Moments" and "The J Spot".

Author Links -

Welcome to Immortality and Beyond. May I offer you a drink?

Thank you for inviting me to Immortality and Beyond. I would love a drink, Vampires Wine. I have to keep my head on straight while being interviewed.

Zar, our Zombie Butler will fetch that for you. Zar…

Thank you Zar

*Drools* while handing drink over…

*Rolling eyes* You may return to your quarters now. Please don’t mind him, sometimes he

 just gets so excited when we have guest authors. He’s only ever bitten somebody once,


Zar, is very tall and such a gentleman for a Zombie Butler.
Thank you, Zar.

I’m not worried about him biting, I bite back. *grinning*

Now that we’re settled in, let’s chat. Shall we?

Of course, let’s us chat.

BK: How did your writing journey begin?

My writing journey began after finding out that an old friend of mind had written a script that was being turned into a movie. 

My thoughts were, “If he can write a script, then I can write a book.” That’s when the book came about.

BK: Please share with us how your current release came to life...

The J Spot is a spin-off of Intimate Moments. I had some more stories in my head and wanted to get it out. I had more characters to write about.

BK: Do you let your characters tell the story, or do you often fight with them on the

direction it will take?

My characters take on a mind of their own. I have a direction as to which way I want my characters to be portrayed but a twist occurs and my characters decide to take the reins and do things on their own. I just go with the flow.

BK: How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular


I try my best to tell a good story when writing erotic romance. That’s not to say that others don’t tell a good story but, I try to tell a beginning to end story with giving some backstory about each character. This lets the reader see how the character came to be.

BK: Which character was your favorite to write for in this story? Why?

In Intimate Moments, Marcus Anderson was my favorite to write. He is the underdog. He is gentle, sweet, caring, and seemed lost and confused. In The J Spot, Rhonda was my favorite to write. She is a woman that the word no means nothing to her. Her character will resurface in my third book, Check-Mate.

BK: Tell us about one scene you had the most fun writing…

The train scene in Intimate Moments was a lot of fun to write. I had to really use my imagination, relax my mind and let my thoughts go. That scene could be termed a voyeur scene due to the location of the characters.

BK: If you were stranded on an island, which character in your books would you most want

to be stranded with and why, and what is one thing that would be a must-have?

I enjoy the friendship of the ladies in Intimate Moments. They have a sisters bond. Being stranded with them would be fun and bring along the sisters in The J Spot would be extra fun. All five of those ladies would turn being stranded into one big party. Especially, Gisselle and Mina…two wild ones. We would have to have music and a lot of snacks and have some men somewhere in eye range.
BK: Now for a little fun, tell us a bit about what your office looks like. Do you need silence

to write?

I don’t need silence to write in. I usually have music playing in the background on top of the dogs barking. I can also write with the television on. The office has a desk with a desktop computer on it; a file cabinet to the left of it with the printer sitting on top. A bookcase filled with books is also to the left of the desk before the file cabinet. As you walk into the door of the office, the television sits on another cabinet. To the right of the desk is a chair. There is nothing blocking the picture window, and there are two blankets on the floor with two pillows and a fluffy chair for the dogs. I don’t use the PC often, I either writer from my laptop which sits on a cute computer table I purchased on Amazon in my bedroom sitting on the floor, but mostly I write from my iPad while sitting on the backyard patio.
BK: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

When I’m not writing, I like to read, listen to music, cook, play with the dogs, watch the Big Bang Theory (those guys are hilarious), or watch a movie on Lifetime.

BK: What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

I love to eat. Sweets are my downfall. Some people look at me and wonder where all the food goes. I guess I have a high metabolism, plus I enjoy walking.

BK: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever wanted to write, or have written, even if it never

reached public eyes?

I want to write a comical romance story about things. I’ve already started writing it. I write on it every now and then. I’m just letting the words come to me in comical fashion.

BK: What is one piece of advice you can give to aspiring writers/authors?

To all aspiring writers/authors, everyone has a story inside of them just waiting to come out. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. Let it out. Write it down on paper. Let a professional editor read it, look it over, and critique it. Friends and family can also read it, but will they tell you the truth? Some will some won’t. An editor will most definitely tell you truth. It may hurt at first but that’s par for the course. Also, be patient, sales will not come overnight. You have to put in the work to get the results you want.

BK: What can we expect from you in the future?

My next book is Check-Mate which I do hope to have out by the end of this summer. The book is overdue. I’ve been nurturing it too long. There are also two other books in the start phase that I want to get out by the end of this year. Be on the lookout.

BK: Where can readers connect with you? 

Readers can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and LinkedIn under my name Jeané Elliott Bennett.
BK: Using your name as an acronym, please describe your book...

An acronym for my name, now that’s interesting.

J = Juicy S = Sexual
E= Exciting A =Arousing
A=Alluring S = Satisfying
N=Nasty H = Hot
E=Enticing I = Inviting
That was interesting to come up with words to make my name. I had never thought of that before.

Thank you for the interview. I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you for taking time to chat with us :)

This was a lot of fun, especially you welcome. And Zar, your Zombie Butler is quite handsome.

Thank you. He appreciates you saying that.

Book Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: America Star (formerly Publish America)
Release Date: July 08, 2013 for Intimate Moments under Publish America
July 17, 2013 for The J Spot under Publish America
Buy Link(s):

Book Description: The J Spot is not what you think it is. It's not the type of nightclub that is coming to your mind either. Once inside the club, you will see the maturity.

Kevin in the type of man that every woman that he comes in contact with want to take home, keep him and possess him. Does he let that happen?

Women flocked to him like bees to honey. They fall to his feet at the sight of him. As he handed them their drinks, they left their panties as a tip. Although he was aggressive he was still shy and flattered by all the attention he received from the ladies. He couldn't understand why all the attention, he was just like any average male with a large sexual appetite, and had his way of giving the ladies pleasure.

But, there was only one lady that seemed to have caught his eye. He couldn't seem to get her out of his mind. Her sexiness had him off balance. He saw other women, he had even gone on a date or two but his mind was gravitating towards one. Will she pay attention to him or will she tell him to go to hell?

What is it that he is feeling! Or is it he wanted what he felt he couldn't have? Was he out of her league?

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release date: July 08, 2013

Publisher: America Star

Available at: Americastarbooks.com, Amazon.com, BN.com, BooksaMillion.com, Smashwords.com

What do you do when you have not one, but three handsome men vying for your affection and attention? The answer is not so simple for Tonju. She has to make a decision between two men from her past and one man that has currently wanted into her life and wants to be her future. The question is, "Which man will she choose?”

Trying to find love was not easy, especially when you're a successful, attractive lady in your thirties looking for a relationship of sustenance, after being divorced for five years. Tonju was torn between three men vying for her attention.

One was an unhappily married man from her past who was willing to let go of everything in order to be with her. The second man was her ex-husband; he never stopping loving her and has realized his mistakes and will do what has and needs to be done to get her back. The third man was someone she met on a girl's a night out. So far he has good qualities, but there's still an air of mystery about him.

Could either of these men be the love Tonju's looking for? She has reservations; some good and some not-so-good about the three men, she had completely broken all ties with one, was leaning closely towards another one, and was looking sideways at the other one. Could Tonju truly be experiencing love?