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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Immortyl Kisses Facebook Party Kicks Off At Midnight

YAY!  I'm so excited!  Kickoff starts at Midnight Tonight actually and the party will run for the entire month of December!  If you're looking for a great Christmas gift or just want to treat yourself,  join the party for your chance to win great books and prizes! 

This is an official Release Party for Immortyl Kisses.  The first two novelettes are on Kindle and also available for purchase on an Interactive CD Ebook from me!  The third installment,  The Kiss of a Warrior is in the works and should be finished before the end of December!  YAY! 

We are going to have games, quotes, excerpts and giveaways.  Join us on FACEBOOK

It's going to be a blast!  See you there :)!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Immortyl Kisses New Website

I just wanted to let everyone know that Immortyl Kisses now has a website.  You can check it out at http://immortylkisses.weebly.com/  Meet the characters,  check out the blog,  sign up for the newsletter.  Don't forget to let me know what you think :). 

The Kiss of a Warrior is coming along nicely.  I will see where the story goes after that,  but will be putting the first 3 stories into paperback once finished so you can watch for that release :).  I was just trying to do things a little differently,  and never expected the story to take off lol. 

Immortyl Kisses Facebook Party starts December 1!  Stop in and check it out!  Weekly giveaways! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Best In November Book Cover Contest Winners

Wow what a great contest!  We had several votes and although all the book covers are fantastic,  we can sadly only have one winner.  I will post the covers of the first three books that received the most votes with a link to the author website in my sidebar minus my own so the next 3 runners up will be posted.  I wished I could post them all but I just don't have that kind of room lol.  So now,  without further ado......(eerie music duh duh daaahhhh).....

The Book Cover that received the most votes:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Thank you to all who participated.  It was so much fun. Maybe we will do a new release party in December,  voting for your favorite covers.  Let me work out the details. 

Now for the winner that will receive their book of choice - and winner was drawn using Random.org

J.M Cornwell Congratulations!  You are the winner and you may choose a book from the running list.  I will be sending you an email,  and you will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.  Congrats again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Upcoming Virtual Book Tour - Katie Salidas with Hunters and Prey

Katie Salidas has joined forces once again to take Hunters & Prey on tour.  We are so happy to have her back!  She will begin touring towards the end of December,  stop into the VBT Cafe' Blog for more details.

About Hunters & Prey:

Becoming a vampire saved Alyssa from death, but the price was high: the loss of everything and everyone attached to her mortal life. She’s still learning to cope when a surprise confrontation with Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum’s most fearsome hunter, sends her fleeing back to the world she once knew, and Fallon, the friend she’s missed more than anything.

Alyssa breaks vampire law by revealing her new, true self to her old friend, a fact which causes strong division in the group that should support her most: her clan.

Worse yet, her revelation entangles Fallon in the struggle between vampires and hunters and The Acta Sanctorum is ready to attack again, with a new army of hybrid creations: the Frenzy Soldiers.

If Alyssa hopes to survive and keep her mortal friend safe, she’ll have to be willing to make a deal with the enemy, and regain her clan’s support. It will take everyone working together in a precarious truce to fight against the Acta Sanctorum’s new threat.

Winner for this week's What Do You Know Wednesday!

Kristen from My Bloody Fairy Tale!  Congratulations Kristen.  Send me an email letting me know which book from the list you would like to receive :).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Cover Design and Voter Winner

Thank you so much for helping me choose a cover for my next installment to the Immortyl Kisses series.  The winner of the Signed CD with both books is Kulsuma!  Congratulations K!  I will mail your disc out as I already have your address.

Thanks to all who helped me decide!

Happy Monday!


15 Weeks of Angelfire Giveaways! Stop in for your chance to win!

Courtney Allison Moulton is having a Release party!  For 15 weeks,  she will be offering you a chance to win a book each week until her release date,  February 15,  2011.
So stop on over to her blog for your chance to win!

YAY Courtney!  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Do You Know Wednesday - Contest & Giveaway Ends 11/23

This week we are going with name the title of the book.  So below I have tweaked the books so the title isn't showing,  but I've left the author name.  Up for grabs this week,  a copy of the book of your choice from the list below.

So....Tell me what you know!

Some may only be available in E-book format for you to collect your winnings,  just to keep that in mind.  Contest will run until November 23.  +60 (10 pts for each title) Just leave me a comment,  list your answers naming the book title and don't forget to leave your email address.

Extra Entries:

+15 Vote on Help Me Choose A Book Cover Giveaway
+15 Enter Best In November Book Cover Contest
+10 Like Us on Facebook
+10 Friend Me on Facebook
+10 Enter another giveaway at my other blog Walker's Muse
+10 Join The Swap or become a follower
+10 Like Death Upon Me on Facebook
+10 Like The Virtual Book Tour Cafe' on Facebook
+10 Become a follower of VBT Cafe' Blog
+20 Tally Your Points

Good luck and sharing this contest would be greatly appreciated.  Open to the US & Canada for Hard Copies and to anyone with an email for the Ebooks.  Good luck.

We only had one commenter last week so the winner is Kristen from My Bloody Fairy Tale.  Congratulations Kristen.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help me by voting for your Favorite Cover and Win Immortyl Kisses

Hello y'all.  I am having trouble deciding which cover would be best for my newest Ebook.  The series is Immortyl Kisses,  which will be several novelettes.  The first installment is The Forgotten Kiss,  the second installment is The Kiss of Betrayal.   So with that said,  could you please help me decide which cover would be best by voting for your favorite cover?  The winner will receive a signed disc with PDF's of the first two novelettes included with a jacket and signed cover.

First,  about the books :  So you can see the first cover :) and trailer is at end of this post.

Book 1 The Forgotten Kiss -

A rogue vampire is on the loose Halloween night and Tristan (vampire) and Logan (werewolf) must keep Raine from its clutches.  The rogue vamp is quicker than they think and snatches her right before their eyes.  The boys must put their differences aside and join forces to rescue the girl.  When reality hits that both harvest feelings towards Raine,  one is determined to make her forget Immortyl Kisses.

Book 2 The Kiss of Betrayal -

With her memories missing,  Logan and Tristan must keep Raine from danger.  When a witch comes to warn them of the Rogue back on the hunt,  the danger becomes more imminent than ever.  Will Raine regain her memories before it's too late?  As the truth is revealed,  Raine finds more than just a kiss forgotten.  She becomes the Kiss of Betrayal.
Here are your choices for Book 2:

I would appreciate your helping me decide.  I will run this contest over the weekend and draw a winner on November 22.  

Thanks a bunch :).

Here's the trailer from The Forgotten Kiss:

I don't know if it's just my computer or not,  but if you're having trouble hearing the sound you can go to the link below:


Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Stars for Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

My rating: 6 of 5 stars

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton is one of the best YA reads I've had the pleasure of reading. Action packed with her own twist on Spiritual Warfare, this is a MUST READ!

Ellie Monroe thought that she had the normal teenage life - friends, parties, school, family and boys. That is until she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Will.

Ellie has repeated nightmares from her past, about fighting and conquering monsters, and as Will tries to convince Ellie that she yields the power to prevent a war brewing between Heaven and Hell, she thinks he is absolutely crazy.

Will has stood by Ellie for 500 years, and each time she dies she is reborn into another mortal body. During this rebirth though, Ellie's memories fail to return as quickly as they usually do, but she gets pieces of it through her dreams. Now Ellie must put her trust into the one man she thinks has lost his mind.

When a Reaper threatens to raise the one demonic creature that could destroy her very soul, Ellie and Will fight side by side to save human souls along with her own.

Lying to her family and friends, Ellie tries to accept what and who she is, what her mission is all the while trying to fight for the love she feels for Will and save the world.

From the first page Angelfire was full of keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action. Moulton did a fantastic job with this title, the plot was perfect, the characters were brilliant, and it was a great twist on good vs. evil with a touch of romance.

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it as one of the best reads of the year. I give Angelfire ****** (6) Stars, BK Walker.
BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Blogger Hop Nov. 12 - 15

Book Blogger Hop

In the spirit of the Twitter Friday Follow, the Book Blogger Hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word!  This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books!  It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read!  So, grab the logo, post about the Hop on your blog, and start HOPPING through the list of blogs that are posted in the Linky list at Crazy-For-Books!!

The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don't have time to Hop today, come back later and join the fun!  This is a weekly event!  And stop back throughout the weekend to see all the new blogs that are added!  We get over 200 links every week!! 


Your blog should have content related to books, including, but not limited to book reviews.
1.  Enter your book blog link in the Linky List below
In your link, please state the main genre that you review:  eclectic, contemp. fiction, ya, paranormal, mystery, non-fiction, etc.

Please do not list every genre you review - if you are review a variety, please put eclectic!  The Hop gets jumbled up if the title is too long, so please limit to one genre.  I will be limiting the number of characters in the title to ensure the Hop doesn't look messy!  Thank you!

Example:  Crazy-for-Books (eclectic adult fiction) 
NOTE:   You no longer have to enter the length of time you've been blogging, but do let us know if this is your first time hopping with us! 

2. Post about the Hop on your blog.  Spread the word about the book party!  The more the merrier!  In your blog post, answer the following question (new question each week!).  If you have a suggestion for a future HOP question, click here to fill out the form!  Thanks!

This week's question comes from Christina who blogs at The Paperback Princesses:

"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"

I always try to start at the beginning of the series so I know what's going on,  though I have read into the series,  and then have gone back to the first book.  Because of one incident of reading book 8 in a series once,  I now try to start from the beginning.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Do You Know Wednesday - Contest and Giveaway Ends 11/16

Welcome back for Round 3 of What Do You Know Wednesday!  This week you will be telling me who the author is.  All authors listed write about Vampires,  so tell me their name and at least one book they've written.  Most of them are pretty easy,  but I may have thrown in a few stumpers lol.

Up for grabs - Your choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card,  A Book up to $10 in value from the Book Depository,  or a signed CD for the book Dares And Dreams including a case. Oh,  I'm also throwing in some swag,  if you'd like some let me know that too.   Let me know what you prefer in your comment with your answers and don't forget to leave me your email address :).

So now,  Tell Me What You Know!

So there you have it.  The running list of Vampire Authors.  Good Luck.  Contest ends November 16.

Mandatory: +120 (10 points for each author)

List the authors names,  list one book they wrote,  and leave your answers in a comment with your email.

Extra Entries:

+10 Share this post and leave me the link
+10 Tweet this post @bk36
+10 Like My Facebook Page
+20 Follow The Blog
+5 Tally Your Points and include in your comment

Winners for What Do You Know Wed. Ending 11/9

Great job and I really threw you guys on that last wolf lol.  Here are the answers for which Werewolf movie:

1.  A - The Wolfman
2.  B - The Company of Wolves
3.  C - The Underworld,  Rise of the Lycans
4.  C - Blood and Chocolate
5.  A - Big Bad Wolf
6.  C - Skinwalkers
7.  C - Silver Bullet
8.  B - Teen Wolf
9.  A - Dog Soldiers
10.  B - Cursed

All of you picked The Howling for the last one,  it was a stumper lol. 

So now,  The winners of the $10 Amazon Gift Card and a PDF of Dares and Dreams are:

Elisa!  Congratulations Elisa and your entries actually won both!  Play again this week and Tell Me What You Know!  Thanks for playing everyone!

Winner was drawn using Random.org Number Generator. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner for Sookie Stackhouse Box Set


Thank you all for taking time to stop on in over the weekend.  I like all the characters on True Blood but I would have to say my favorite was LaFayette.  He was a cool cat :).

So the winner of the Dead of Night Series,  the first 7 books box set,  drawn using Random.org Random Number Generator is......*Drumroll*.................

Sabelexi! Congratulations Sabelexi and I will be sending you an email.  You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen :). 

Winners for Dares And Dreams Ebook (PDF) are:

Linda Henderson
The Happy Booker

Thanks again to all who stopped in.  If you didn't get a chance you can enter my other giveaways as well listed in the left side bar.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

***** Review of Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan

Drowned SorrowDrowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan is a heart pounding, suspenseful, and got-to-know what happens next read!

Megan was a successful business woman that let her job take over her life. When her son commits suicide, on accident, while seeking her attention, her life changes forever.

Not letting her daughter slip away, she takes Jenna on vacation to Moonlight Creek. When they arrive, the town seems like a ghost town.

There is something strange about Moonlight Creek, and Megan and Jenna soon find out there is more to this small village than what meets the eye.

The lake is what controls the people, and as weird events keep happening, Megan becomes scared and desperate to leave. As she fears for hers and her daughters life, she meets an unexpecting encounter, and her daughter and her flee.

What she didn't plan, was for the ones she loves to become a part of it all. Morgan did a fantastic job keeping the suspense alive. This is one book that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Though I was a little disappointed in the ending, not in a bad way but in a way you wished it ended differently, I loved this book. You will have to decide for yourself how you interpret the ending, whether you to wished it ended differently or not.

I give Drowned Sorrow ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker. http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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Book Blogger Hop Nov. 5 - 7

Book Blogger Hop

In the spirit of the Twitter Friday Follow, the Book Blogger Hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word!  This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books!  It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read!  So, grab the logo, post about the Hop on your blog, and start HOPPING through the list of blogs that are posted in the Linky list at Crazy For Books!!

The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don't have time to Hop today, come back later and join the fun!  This is a weekly event!  And stop back throughout the weekend to see all the new blogs that are added!  We get over 200 links every week!! 

"What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"

I have never stopped following a blog,  you never know what you may miss :).  I figure it's a give-in to lose followers as many just follow to gain entry during a hop.  I don't mind losing them,  they are missing out on some great posts if they don't continue to follow lol.  I never take it personal.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Hop Party Starts Today!

Welcome to Immortality and Beyond.  Today starts our Bookshelf Cleaning Party and Blog Hop.  From November 5 - 7 you can stop by the blogs listed below for your chance to win some great books.

Up for grabs today :

For your chance to win this 7 book box set,  simply become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment with your email address.  New and old followers count just let me know which one you are.  This contest is open to the US and Canada only,  sorry guys.

But up for grabs for my International friends is an Ebook - Dares And Dreams by Me.  3 lucky winners can grab a copy of this book,   and this is open to everyone.

Extra Entries:

+5 Answer this queston:  Who is your favorite character from True Blood and why?
+10 Follow Me On Twitter
+10 Friend Me On Facebook
+25 Sign Up at the Swap
+15 Follow The Swap

Thank you all for stopping into my blog.  To hop on over to the next blog just click one of the links below :).  Don't forget to check out my other giveaways while your here.

What Do You Know Wednesday - Ends 11/9
Best In November Book Cover Contest - Ends 11/26

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Book Review Wednesdays is back :). Stop in to see all the great books that have been reviewed. Just click the picture above to go to Cym's site :). To see my review posted this week click Here.

Enter your own review and be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

Welcome to Book Review Party Wednesday.

It is real simple. Link up any (old or new, any genre) book review that you have written to the MckLinky at Cym Lowell's Blog.

A couple of things to remember while you're linking.

1. Add a permalink to your specific post, not the main page of your blog (only one review per blog).
2. Add Cym's Book Review Wednesday Badge or a link-back to the party at the end of your review post. This code can be found at the beginning of her post for Book Review Wed.
3. List the name of your blog, Title of Book or Genre. Be sure to use spaces and limit characters to 50. For example: The Lost Symbol, thriller
4. Become a follower of Cym's blog, pretty please (not mandatory).
5. Visit the other linked up reviews and leave comments....it's a party, have fun!
6. Cym will announce the winner in a weekend post. The winner is chosen from the linked up reviewers using Random Number Generator. All included.


What Do You Know Wednesday - Contest and Giveaway

What Do You Know Wednesdays!  

Welcome back once again for the second round.  You guessed it,  this week is Werewolf Movies.  Now because this may be a bit harder than Vampire Movies,  I am giving you multiple choice :).  Go ahead and let out the breath you were holding lol,  I didn't mean to scare ya.  There will be 3 choices to choose from,  just pick the one you think is right and there you go. 

So I guess you're wondering what is going to be the prize this week huh?  Well this week there will be once again 2 lucky winners. Up for grabs is a $10 Amazon Gift Card and an E-Book of Dares And Dreams by me (PDF).  

To enter just choose your answers and write them in a comment along with your email address.  Next Wednesday I will draw 2 lucky winners using random.org number generator!

For extra points:

+ 10 Share this post - you must include the link where you shared so I can verify
+10 Check out my newest blog Review Book Swap - become a follower add +5 more points
+10 Answer this question:  What would you do if you ever met a Werewolf?
+20 Tally your own points and include the total in your comment

Now tell me,  What Do You Know?.....

 A.  The Wolfman
B.  Van Helsing
C.  Cat People

 A.  The Howling
B.  The Company of Wolves
C.  New Moon

 A.  Xmen
B.  Dog Soldiers
C.  Underworld - Rise of the Lycans

 A.  Curse of the Werewolf
B.  Werewolf in London
C.  Blood and Chocolate

 A.  Big Bad Wolf
B.  An American Wolf in London
C.  The Howling

 A.  Wolfen
B.  Silver Bullet
C.  Skinwalkers

 A.  Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
B.  Cursed
C.  Silver Bullet
 A.  Big Bad Wolf
B.  Teen Wolf
C.  The Howling
A.  Dog Soldiers
B.  Bad Moon
C.  Blood and Chocolate
A.  Ginger Snaps
B.  Cursed
C.  The Howling IV

Ok so there's the running list.  Tell me what you know and good luck!