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-Winston Churchill

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

At The Round Table with Marie Symeou - Frozen In Time

Please Welcome Marie Symeou

Welcome to Immortality and Beyond. May I offer you a beverage? 

Mystic brew, thanks, and thank you very much for having me.

Now that we're all settled in my lair, I'm de-bite-fully glad you stopped in.

BK:  Please tell us a little bit about your current release...

MS:  It's called Frozen In Time and it's a historical fantasy set in Ancient Greece. It is a vampire romance of eternal love, twin flames, the afterlife, reincarnation and how the bond of love can never be broken. A love that can transcend anything. Even death or banishment to otherworldly realms, or the transformation of the lovers into immortal beings. 

BK:  What inspired this particular novel/book?

MS:  My love for vampires. I've been intrigued by them since I was a young girl watching Christopher Lee as Dracula in the old Hammer movies. As for this particular novel, I was inspired by Anne Rice's Interview with The Vampire and I wanted to explore how it feels to be a vampire. I originally wrote a novel about a 12th century vampire named Philip, though by then he was already ancient since he came from Greece in the 4th Century BC. As I was writing that novel, I realized that his story needed to be told thoroughly and not just as a backstory being dropped in here and there in the 12th century novel. I then decided it was better to start at the beginning and so Frozen In Time was born.

BK:  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

MS:  I've always loved writing, ever since I was at school. English was my favorite subject. I began making little magazines as a child and then wrote short stories. In my teens I progressed to song lyrics and wanted to try and make it as a singer. Unfortunately, my singing career didn't really take off and so I returned to writing. By then I had started a few novels but never really got as far as finishing them. It wasn't until I got into vampires that I found what I really wanted to write about. 

BK:  How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?

MS: I think my voice, the way I see things, sets me apart from others. Also, I think my passion for history and mythology, my love for mixing things and including the odd real life historical character might make me stand out in the current vampire fiction market. For example, Alexander the Great appears briefly in this novel, and I have some other historical figures planned for future books in the series.

BK:  What was the hardest thing about writing this story?

MS: Endless research and rewriting, hoping to get historical facts right. I worried a lot over that and it really held me back, so it has taken me a lot longer to complete this novel than I expected. However, at the end of the day this is a fantasy, so I am not going to apologize if I did get anything wrong. I have included an author's note in the book just to clarify that. I did enjoy the research, though. I have a very inquisitive mind and love to learn new things, and as I said, I am passionate about history.

BK:  What character was your favorite to write for in this story? Why?

MS: Well, Philip is my main character so I enjoy being with him and writing through him. There is a lot of depth to him and I find him intriguing. I didn't think it would be easy to write about a main character who is male, but I actually found it quite fun. Also, how can I not love someone that can only love one woman eternally? I also like Scylla, the vampiric sea monster, because there is a reason why she is so evil and so she was fun to write too. I enjoyed exploring the depth of her character as well.

BK:  Which was your favorite scene to write?

MS: Oh, I think there were many. My first scene, the prologue, even though I rewrote it so many times. Also loved the maenad scenes at the beginning and some of the scenes about the afterlife and the underworld. 

BK:  Will this become a series? If so, what inspired it to be a series?

MS: Yes, it will. I realized when writing it that there is so much backstory and so much more stuff that needs to be told that I can't tell it all in one book. Being so ancient, Philip has a lot of potential as a main character and there is the chance to explore his immortality while writing about certain historical eras at the same time. 

BK:  Now for a little fun, and into your everyday life, What is a day in your life like?

MS: Well, on a writing day I am usually woken up by my kitten Athena at 6 am. I feed her and make a coffee and struggle hard not to climb back into my bed. I go online and check emails, etc and I might play with Athena a bit before sitting at the laptop, trying desperately to avoid all the usual internet distractions like Facebook and Twitter and start writing. I find that mornings and early evenings are my best times to write. In the afternoon I tend to get lethargic and lose the ability to remain focused.

BK:  What do you like to do when you're not writing?

MS: Reading, singing, watching TV, playing with my kitten, walking.

BK:  What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

MS: I am not as young as I look.

BK:  What do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

MS: I will read almost anything of interest. My favorite authors are the Brontes, Mary Shelley, Anne Rice and Philippa Gregory.

BK:  Please tell us one piece of advice you were given as an author that you carry with you when you write?

MS: Write what you are passionate about and believe in yourself. I recently emailed Anne Rice and much to my surprise she emailed me right back and gave me some good advice. She told me to protect my voice and believe in myself, to ignore critics and just go for it. Very wise words, I think. 

BK:  What is one piece of advice you can give to aspiring writers/authors?

MS: The same as above. Believe in yourself. 

BK:  What are you currently working on?

MS: Book 2, the sequel to Frozen In Time. 

BK:  Where can readers connect with you? 

MS: Here are my links:

Website: http://www.mariesymeou.com

Blog: http://marie-deepthinker.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marie-Symeou-Singer-Songwriter-Author/119520001398734

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/marie_p_s
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5219021.Marie_Symeou

BIO: Author, scriptwriter, singer/songwriter and main vocalist for Violet Eternity. 

"Born in London (where I still live), I have been an avid reader all my life, and as a child I loved to write short stories and make little books and magazines out of exercise books. As an escapist and dreamer, I find it hard to deal with real life and enjoy losing myself in music and writing and creating my own fantasy worlds. It is what I've always done.

As a teenager I wanted to become a singer and hopefully a writer after that. Well, I tried the singing and it didn't work out the way I wanted (or dreamed). So, as I got more heavily into lyric writing and poetry, and since I loved reading novels, I decided I would write one too. As I have always had such a vivid imagination I thought it would be easy, but of course, you need more than just imagination to be a novelist. After honing my craft for many years I am now ready to reveal my first novel to the world. Hope you enjoy reading it, and if you do, don't forget to check back for news of the next novel in the series."


Set in Ancient Greece, at the time of Alexander the Great, a time when the spirit world of gods and goddesses and other immortal beings bleeds into the world of mortals, Frozen in Time is an engaging story of a love that can transcend anything. Even death or banishment to otherworldly realms, or the transformation of the lovers into immortal beings.

After the death of his wife in childbirth, Philip, grief stricken and suicidal, joins the army of his half brother Alexander, with whom he has a very uneasy relationship. But the world of immortals has other plans for him and the vampiric monster, Scylla, plays on his grief by seducing him in the form of his dead wife. Horrified when he discovers the truth and that he too is now one of the immortals, it becomes his life’s quest to escape Scylla, find a way of destroying her forever and also reunite himself with his beloved wife in one way or another.



Philip could not believe his eyes. His Amaranthea. Sweet Amaranthea - a temptress in the silver moonlight. 
He felt as if he were in a trance. Perhaps all the wine he had consumed had gone to his head. Trying to blink the vision away, he realized this was no alcohol-induced apparition. No, this beauty was alive. Solid. As clearly defined as the craggy rock at his side, a glorious sight clad in a scarlet cloak. 

Strange mysterious music rang out as she called his name. Bewitching. Caressing, ‘Come my love, be mine.’ 
Without a second thought, he took her jewelled hand and let her lead the way along the rocky mountainside. 
The air was thick with dust. Down below in Darius’ camp the flames from the torches outside the tents glowed brightly, flickering in the light breeze.

Alexander had instructed his men to monitor Darius’ every move and nothing should have deterred Philip. But Amaranthea was his life. 

Had been his life. 

He wouldn’t even be in this war if it had not been for her. In all honesty, it meant nothing to him. He cared not whether he lived nor died. 

Amaranthea led him to an opening buried deep within the jagged rock. Philip hesitated, turning to glance back at the campsite he had just left behind. Through the hazy air he could see in the distance the masses of tents where the army rested for the night. They had all feasted well, as if tonight was their last, in preparation for tomorrow’s battle. By walking away, he had betrayed them all. Betrayed Alexander.

But the life of a soldier didn’t suit him. The thought of the terror and bloodshed he witnessed made him want to vomit. He had no real desire to kill anymore. And yet he had. So many times. It was what he was paid to do. But there were also times when he simply wished that an enemy spear would soon put an end to his misery. 

Amaranthea’s voice drew him out of his dark thoughts, ‘Come, my love,’ she said, the breeze catching her long red hair.

He turned towards her, meeting her dark gaze. How could I have wished to die? he thought. We are together again.

They stepped into the vast cave. It was pitch black, but as Philip followed Amaranthea she seemed to glow, lighting his way up ahead. Philip blinked in astonishment at the network of passages that clearly came into focus. 
As they walked the light illuminated something. Philip jumped back as the figure of a winged serpent with a woman’s head leapt out at him. The cave was painted. Walls covered in images, both beautiful and terrible. Recoiling, Philip caught the image of a serpent woman devouring the head of a child. 

‘Why have you brought me here?’ he asked.

No reply. He paused, staring at the figure of Amaranthea walking steadily ahead of him. More paintings of monstrous creatures and women with half-serpent bodies, of winged maidens and warriors with snakes and torches in their hair came to view.

‘Why have you brought me here?’ he asked again.

Still no answer, but he could not help but follow Amaranthea towards a welcoming gleam of light. The sound of gently plucked harp strings floated in the air towards them, a melody so calming to a man whose ears had grown accustomed to the cries of war. 

On entering the chamber, the intense heat hit Philip’s face. Fires and torches blazed brightly. Shadows from the flames danced on the ochre-painted walls, and fragrant oils burned - awakening his senses to memories of times long passed. On the ground, he noticed a scattering of rose petals. Whatever this dwelling-place was, he soon began to feel at ease.

Amaranthea guided him towards a large bed draped in shiny silk of crimson and gold. Philip sat his aching body on it. He so longed for a good night’s sleep. To lie back on those sumptuous cushions. 

Amaranthea stood before him, holding his gaze. Her dark eyes flashed. Removing her scarlet cloak, she let it drop to the ground. Naked, her pale skin glistened in the glowing torch light, her red hair cascading over her shoulders. Philip had never seen anything so beautiful. So perfect, like a goddess. Overwhelmed with desire, he pulled her to him...

They made love. He had waited a long time for this.

‘Amaranthea,’ he cried.

Then everything changed. She hissed like a snake. Alarmed, Philip opened his eyes and to his disgust, he found himself staring into a pair of red demonic eyes. This was no longer Amaranthea but a strange woman that hissed like a serpent. In place of Amaranthea’s slender hands, sharp claws reached for him. 
He tried to move away but it was too late. Something sharp pierced him in the neck and he felt his blood oozing out from the wound. He roared with pain. The creature pinned him down and began to suck his blood, licking and devouring it. He grew weaker. Then once again, he heard Amaranthea’s sweet voice.
‘My love, you are dying. I will give you back your life if you promise to be with me always. Until the end of time. I will not let the gods take you from me. You are far too beautiful for that. But you must be mine. Always. You will never love another. Do I have your word?’

He could barely speak. ‘Yes.’

Blood gushed into his mouth. He tasted it and hungered for more. 

As more hot blood flowed into his veins, his heart throbbed strongly, its pulse heavy in his ears. He shuddered, felt cold, shivered. His eyesight began to flicker. Images of his life flashed before him. His childhood. His mother. His brothers. His wedding to Amaranthea … 

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me Marie. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mailbox Monday 11/28

What was in your mailbox?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner for Code of Darkness by Chris Lindberg

Chris and I would like to thank those that stopped in to view his tour. I for one cannot wait to read Code of Darkness. It just sounds amazing!


Congratulations Jennifer! Chris has been notified and you should hear from him very soon.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hunters & Prey by Katie Salidas - Review

Becoming a vampire saved Alyssa from death, but the price was high: the loss of everything and everyone attached to her mortal life. She’s still learning to cope when a surprise confrontation with Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum’s most fearsome hunter, sends her fleeing back to the world she once knew, and Fallon, the friend she’s missed more than anything.

Alyssa breaks vampire law by revealing her new, true self to her old friend, a fact which causes strong division in the group that should support her most: her clan.



Hunters & Prey (Book 2 in the Immortalis Series)

My Review:

Hunters & Prey by Katie Salidas was a fantastic addition to this series. Alyssa is having repeated nightmares about their worst enemy, Santino, who belongs to the Acta Sanctorum. This group wishes to rid the world of vampires, deeming them monsters and killers. Lysander brushes her dreams off as stress related, that is until the enemy hits a little too close to home.

While Alyssa is hunting, Santino confronts her sending her running for safety. Fearing he would follow her, she doesn't want to lead him to their home putting the rest of the clan in danger. She has no choice but to flee to the very Cafe' she was forbidden to return to.

Now involving her best friend Fallon, trouble has only just begun. When Fallon is kidnapped at the hands of the enemy, Alyssa risks everything to save her, including her life. What they never expected was to gain help from the very man they feared. Who will be the ones to make it out alive?

Salidas did a great job with this installation. I loved that we saw the enemy with no choice but to help out Lysander and the clan. There were plenty of twists to keep you turning the pages and you were left wondering if new vampires would be created and who would still be alive in the end. The best part was how much we see Lysander's and Alyssa's relationship grow, her now deeming the right to her standing in the clan. 

I definitely give Hunters & Prey 5 Flaming Stars!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Giveaway & At the Round Table with Chris Lindberg

Welcome to Immortality and Beyond Chris. I'm glad you had time to stop in and join me at the round table. Now that we're all settled in my lair, let's get started. 

BK: Please tell us a little bit about your current release...

Code of Darkness is my first novel. It’s a dark thriller that also has elements of sci-fi and even a little horror. It centers around a mysterious vigilante only known as Rage, and Larry Parker, the Chicago Police officer who is hot on his tail. When Rage’s past catches up with him, a covert Black Ops division within the Pentagon is dispatched to find Rage, and eliminate Parker, who is seen as knowing too much. The deadly chase takes them cross-country to a top-secret military facility, where the greatest danger of all awaits.

BK: What inspired this particular novel/book?

I’ve always enjoyed stories about darker, misunderstood characters, anti-heroes. Stories about good versus evil, and all of the shades in between. Several years ago, Rage’s character came into my head, so I began writing him. Then another character came, followed by a third. Before I knew it, I had woven them together into a story, which ultimately became the foundation for Code of Darkness.

BK: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always had creative bones in my body. As a kid I wanted to be the next Charles M. Schultz. I started in college as a Graphic Arts major before realizing it wasn’t the right career path for me. Once I was out of the art world, I found I still needed a creative release. So when I began having to take long train rides every day, and had read a bunch of other people’s novels, I thought I’d try my own hand at writing one.

BK: How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?

I like to use many points of view in my stories, and change voices often. I also like to set scene and tone for a particular chapter in the very first line.

BK: What was the hardest thing about writing this story?

I’d have to say writing one of the main villains, Elias Todd. I had to make him despicable, but believable at the same time. To do this I had to get into and understand the mindset of someone I could never be, and let my mind wander into dark places it would never otherwise go, in order to effectively write how this character would think, act, and react. One thing that helped me do this was to write an “origin” chapter that explained how he discovered his evil side. This chapter never made the final cut, but it was a good exercise to write it, and it wasn’t a bad read, if I say so myself. (I just had to cut it to keep word count down).

BK: What character was your favorite to write for in this story? Why?

One of the two main characters in Code of Darkness is a vigilante named Rage. I honestly can’t remember what inspired me to choose that name, but over time I found that it fit the character better than any other name I could’ve given him. Rage is a loner, an outsider who doesn’t know much about his mysterious past until it catches up with him. He’s the archetypical anti-hero: he doesn’t want to be a hero, but he ends up being one despite his best efforts not to. I chose to write about him because I always enjoyed stories about darker, misunderstood figures who in the end wound up being forces for good: you probably shouldn’t have been rooting for them, but you found yourself doing it anyway, and in the end you wound up being happy that you did.

BK: Which was your favorite scene to write?

Oh gosh – there are quite a few of those, but I’d have to say it’s a tie between two: the first is a standoff at the police station which involves Rage, Mira (the book’s heroine), the Chicago Police, and the NSA … the tension on all sides made that scene fun to write (a piece of that scene appears in the Prologue, actually). And second is a scene where Rage tries to save three people from a burning bus which is about to explode. Of course, I can’t tell you the circumstances, or how it all turns out …

BK: Will this become a series? If so, what inspired it to be a series?

Originally it wasn’t intended to be, but I’ve gotten a lot of really good feedback and folks asking for a sequel. The door is open for one, and as of this writing I’ve begun working on it, along with a couple of other projects I’ve got cooking.

BK: Now for a little fun, and into your everyday life, What is a day in your life like?

My everyday life is really quite normal. I have a day job in the city of Chicago, I commute on the train (it’s where I am right now, actually), and then come home at night to my wonderful wife and two beautiful kids. I try to get an hour of writing in each day; sometimes it’s hard with work and family life, but I’m enjoying the writing I’m getting in these days, and excited to put out a second title soon.

BK: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Play with my kids. I have a 3-year old and a soon-to-be 1-year old. They are always making me laugh. If I were a family sitcom writer I’d have tons of source material.

BK: What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

That I’m a pretty low-key, close to the vest type person. People that know me well had no idea I was working on a novel, and when they finished reading it, they had no idea that a person like me could come up with some of crazy things that happen in Code of Darkness. Especially some of the horror elements it contains.

BK: What do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

I enjoy other thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, suspense, even some horror. My favorite author is probably Cormac McCarthy – his efficiency in character and scene blows me away, and reading his work pushes me to improve upon my own writing craft.

BK: Please tell us one piece of advice you were given as an author that you carry with you when you write?

It’s kind of a motto that one of my mentors, Jill Pollack of StoryStudio Chicago, shared with me on my first day at the writing studio, years ago. She said, “It’s not the story … it’s the telling.” And that has stayed with me until today, because when you think about it, anyone can tell a story … but not many can tell one effectively.

BK: What is one piece of advice you can give to aspiring writers/authors?

Just keep writing. We’ve all heard the whole “your brain is a muscle” spiel, but that’s because it’s true. The more you do it the better you’ll get. And support other new writers. We’re not in competition with one another; we can learn a lot from each other, and you never know what kind of friends you might make along the way.

BK: What are you currently working on?

I’m bouncing back and forth between two projects: a coming-of-age space opera, and an apocalyptic thriller. But like I said earlier, I’m getting some very welcome feedback from readers that I should be doing a sequel to Code of Darkness, so I suppose I’d better get working on that, too.

BK: Where can readers connect with you?

You can find me at www.codeofdarkness.com, and on Facebook by searching “code of darkness”. I also have a Twitter handle, Chrislindberg7. You can also email me at chris@codeofdarkness.com – I’d love to hear from you!


Chris Lindberg was born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois.  After graduating from Northern Illinois University in the mid-1990s, he headed out to the west coast for a couple of years, where he began writing as a casual pastime. 

Some time after returning to Chicago he began attending writers workshops at StoryStudio Chicago, where he wrote two character studies, both of which have since been developed into key characters in
Code of Darkness

Chris now lives outside Chicago with his wife Jenny and their two children, Luke and Emma.  You might catch him working away on his second novel while commuting on his morning train into the city. 


When a routine bank robbery takes an unexpected turn, veteran Chicago police officer Larry Parker witnesses a heroic act by a mysterious intervener. But seconds later the Samaritan disappears, leaving Larry only with unanswered questions.

Suddenly, vigilante activity begins popping up all over the city – including several murders. Larry begins to gather the missing pieces of the puzzle, and finds evidence the Samaritan might be tied to them. When he learns the man’s identity – a loner known only by the name Rage – he prepares to move in for the arrest.

But there is much more to Rage than meets the eye: the case has also drawn the attention of a covert Black Ops division within the Pentagon. Their mission: find Rage, while keeping their operation out of the public eye. Seen as knowing too much, Larry suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs as well. After a deadly standoff, Rage is captured, forcing Larry to search for answers while on the run.

The deadly chase leads cross-country to a top-secret military facility in Virginia, where Rage and Larry uncover the greatest danger of all -- and only they can stop the unthinkable from happening.


As the frantic teller pulled the stacks of bills from the drawers and dropped them in the smaller man’s burlap sack, the large man kept one eye on Rage and the others.

The teller’s drawers empty, the small man took the sack from the counter and moved toward his accomplice. At this, the large man grabbed the young woman’s arm and pulled her up to him. “Gimme your purse. Now,” he said to her, then addressed everyone else. “That goes for all o’you. Take ‘em out, put ‘em on the floor. Do it now.”

Face to face with the large robber, her right wrist being held tightly, Mira handed her handbag to the man, who tossed it into the burlap sack. The small one picked up the wallets, purses, and handbags the others had laid on the floor.

The large man eyed Mira, a smile coming to his face. “Lucky for you we ain’t got room for ya in the bag,” he sneered.

The small man folded up the sack and took it under his arm, still pointing the shotgun, and nodded to his partner. As the two men made their way toward the front doors, a screech of tires came from the front parking lot.

Son of a bitch, the cops!” the small man roared.

Outside, Larry and Gino took up positions behind the squad car. Through tinted bank windows and glaring morning sun, he made out about nine or ten figures inside. Larry radioed in for backup, ordering units to every possible exit. The hostage negotiators would be arriving any second.

Inside the lobby, the small robber barked to his partner, “We gotta get outta here before they surround us. We need leverage. Take the broad and head for the back.”

Cocking the shotgun, the large robber pulled Mira tight. “Looks like you’ll be comin’ with us, after all.”

At this Rage stood up and grabbed the large man’s forearm. “If you’re gonna take someone, take me.”

BANG. The shotgun went off. Startled by Rage’s sudden move, the large man had fired it inadvertently, right into Rage’s stomach. The lobby seemed to freeze in time. Rage fell backward. The teller screamed. The elderly woman fainted.

Shit!” yelled the small man. “Head for the back, now!”

The large man pulled Mira, squeezing her under her right arm, overpowering her struggles. They made their way toward the rear exit as more sirens approached outside.

Outside, Larry heard the gunfire erupt inside the bank. Signaling to Gino, he rushed toward the back entrance, taking cover at the alley’s edge.

The emergency exit door boomed open, and two men with black stockings over their heads emerged, the second much taller than the first. Both were armed. Larry pivoted into the alley entrance, his revolver pointed directly at them.

Freeze!” he screamed at the two men.

Larry saw the young woman being held under the large man’s arm.

Drop your guns, and let the woman go,” he ordered them.

Without warning the small man pointed the gun at Larry and fired. From out of nowhere a third man appeared between Larry and the robber, taking the shotgun blast in his right shoulder. In one blinding motion, the newcomer ripped the gun from the small man’s hand then spun into a kick that connected with the large man’s jaw. Larry could hear the sickening crunch as the jawbone shattered. Completing his full spin, he rounded up on the small man and punched him square in the chest, sending him flying into a brick wall. As the large man fell, he turned back to pull the woman free while kicking the shotgun from the robber’s limp hand.

Larry stood there, thunderstruck. His gun was still pointed at the spot where the two bank robbers once stood, both now lying unconscious on the worn pavement. The intervener set the stunned woman down near the alley wall.

The man, maybe mid-twenties, was wearing a black t-shirt and torn jeans. Both his right shoulder and lower abdomen were bleeding, as if he’d been shot moments before also. He wore a shocked expression, but showed not even the slightest sign of pain. He was maybe five-foot-six, with matted black hair. He looked down at the two unconscious bank robbers, then over to Larry, as if analyzing whether Larry would become a threat himself. He took up the burlap sack and pulled out what looked to be a wallet, then tossed the sack in Larry’s direction. Then, before Larry could utter a word, the man leapt all the way up onto the adjacent building’s roof, and was gone.

Giveaway Time!

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Code of Darkness!

Chris will also be offering a $50 Visa Gift Card to one lucky follower that commented during his entire tour!

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Zane's Redemption by Tina Folsom - Review

You all know I've been waiting for this book since the second book in the series. It's finally here and I didn't wait one second to go out and buy it! OMG am I glad I didn't wait!

Zane's Redemption by Tina Folsom was another brilliant, and when I say brilliant, I mean BRILLIANT, addition to the Scanguards series!!

Zane is a crazy vampire that has no thoughts about inflicting pain upon people, especially when it's to help his boss at Scanguards where he works as a bodyguard.  After killing a would be rapist, he is punished for his brutality by his boss Samson Woodford, by being placed on a "babysitting" job.

Zane is furious with being placed on such a demeaning job, but knows he cannot live without his family and obides by Samson's terms, including taking a puppy into his home as well. Can big, bad ass Zane be softened by a puppy?

Portia Lewis is a hybrid, half vampire half human, loved and sheltered by her father her entire life. She is about to come into adulthood on her twenty first birthday where her body will stay the same the rest of her life. When her best friend Lauren, also a hybrid, tells her she must lose her virginity before then or be destined to pain over and over again, Portia sets out to do just that.

When Zane meets Portia for the first time, neither of them can deny there is a connection. Zane is not happy about his new charge, or the fact that he'd like to do more than just guard her. As they grow closer, Zane learns of what her father is doing to her, and vows to help her. Breaking all the rules he's vowed to uphold, he whisks Portia away to a private location, and the hunt begins. Samson is pissed that Zane would break a clients trust and begins to use all his resources to find them.

In the meantime, Portia and Zane grow closer, and as she breaks through his walls, his heart starts to soften as they fall in love. After taking her virginity, and don't think for a minute Folsom left out the steamy sex scenes, Portia notices a tattoo on Zane's arm. Unable to control his feelings, he breaks down and tells her of his past, and torture he endured from a concentration camp at the hands of an evil doctor. Over 60 decades he's hunted the men that ruined his life, turned him into a vampire and killed his family. All but one, are dead. Crying for the man she loves and the pain he's endured, Zane can't understand why she's not running away. It's wonderful to see such a hard man be reduced to such softness, to know that he's actually capable of love and I found myself very happy for Zane.


Folsom throws in a surprise twist that I didn't even see coming! I have to say that I now think this is my favorite book of the entire series. It was well written and an OMG I-cannot-put-it-down kind of read. Zane and Portia are such a great fit for each other and it is just phenomenal! I LOVED IT! All of the characters were amazing and I can't wait to see what Folsom brings us next. I highly recommend this book and the entire series! Go get your hands on it, put it on your shelves or on your kindle, because this is one series you won't mind reading over and over again!

A native of Germany, Tina Folsom immigrated first to England in 1991 and then to the USA in 1999 where she lived in various large cities before she made San Francisco her permanent home.

While writing has always been her passion, the trained CPA knew she had to get a "real" job first. Due to the popularity of her books, Tina was able to quit her day job in February 2010 and now writes full time.

Tina is a member of the San Francisco Romance Writers of America. She also meets regularly with her two critique partners who write historical and paranormal romance.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Winner of In The Forests of the Night by Kersten Hamilton

Congratulations Sablelexi! Kersten has been contacted and will be in touch soon! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of Love Immortal by Felicity Heaton

Synopsis from Felicity's Web Site:

Love Immortal

by Felicity Heaton
Rescued from werewolves by the most breathtaking man she's ever seen, Lauren is dragged into the fight of her life and a dark world she never knew existed. There, she discovers that she's the latest reincarnation of a goddess and must drink the blood of her immortal protector, Julian, in order to reawaken and continue her three thousand year old mission to defeat Lycaon, the original werewolf.
With the help of Julian and an organisation of people with supernatural abilities, Lauren fights for her life, their future and the fate of mankind against Lycaon and his deadly army, but can she succeed when Lycaon has killed all of her predecessors?
Can she crack the armour around Julian's heart and seize her happily forever after with him? And can Julian bring himself to trust Lauren with the fragments of his heart after everything he's been through?

My Thoughts:
If you want excitement and fast-paced action with a romance that is bound to make you cry then Love Immortal is what you are looking for. You will meet Lauren, the main character, who is trying to figure out what she wants in life, and who she really is after having a bad year when her parents die in a car accident. After she is attacked by a werewolf, and is saved by a mysterious man named Julian, she feels herself drawn to him, but should be afraid of him! The romance between the two of them will make the coldest of hearts melt! Felicity Heaton does a wonderful job of integrating the mythology of immortals, werewolves and vampires. Fans of these genres will enjoy the ability she drew upon to write this book with so many various “creatures”. Lauren is pulled unknowingly into a dark and chilling world full of supernaturals out to kill her. Thank goodness there is an organization of people with otherworldly abilities who want to protect her! After finding out she is only the latest of many reincarnations of a goddess on a three thousand year old mission to defeat the original werewolf, Lycaon, before he can gain revenge on Zeus and Olympus, Lauren sets out to do just that. This book will draw every last emotion out of you, whether you want it or not! Yes, it’s that good!

I give Love Immortal

Buy this book:

Amazon Kindle:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HYHHME/
Barnes and Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Love-Immortal/Felicity-Heaton/e/2940011179648/
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/36609
Direct from Felicity's Site: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/basket.php?action=add_item&id=237&qty=1

Check out more of Felicity at her website: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/