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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pit Stop and interview with Author Sindee Lynn of Prince's Donor

Prince's Donor by Sindee Lynn was the perfect mix of fantasy and romance!  This is one title that is sure to leave you yearning for more.

Jenna James is a young woman living in Washington.  She is a bit shy,  overweight,  and has a self image issue.  Having never been with a man,  she longs to be loved,  and fantasizes about her first encounter.

Now that Vampires have become legal,  and the world has accepted that there is another race other than humans living among them,  Jenna joins the new Donor Database.

Having been put down by co-workers and her mother,  she decides this is a decision that is long overdue to be made on her own terms.  Hoping that she can become a donor for a Vampire,  she waits to be chosen while the years pass.

Just when she was ready to pull her name from the database,  her dreams come true when a handsome,  mysterious Vampire knocks on her door.  Sure he has the wrong door,  she opens it,  and to her surprise he asks for her by name.

Unable to speak,  and unaware that he can read her thoughts,  she comes to realize that this Vampire is in desperate need to feed his animal instincts.

What she never expected was this gorgeous Vampire was the Prince of all Vampires,  and he wants her to be his donor.  Syrian,  the Prince,  is taken by surprise at his feelings that overwhelm him about Jenna,  coming to realize that he cannot live without his "Sweet Jenna".

Lynn did a fantastic job writing Prince's Donor.  I found myself not wanting to put this title down until I got to the end,  and wanting more when I did. 

There are many woman like Jenna in today's society,  searching and hoping to find a love like Jenna and Syrian's.  This was a wonderful book and I do hope to see much more from Sindee Lynn.  Magnificent writer!

I give Prince's Donor ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker

Sindee Lynn is a terrific writer of paranormal romance.  She has created a world for us to enjoy,  and has taken time to speak with us today.  Thank you so much for coming Sindee Lynn.  It is such a pleasure to have you. I just have some questions for you to help our readers learn more about you as a person and as a writer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have been reading romance novels probably since I was 11 years old and writing since I was 13. There was never a question in my mind what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wanted to be a romance writer. It’s been a long road to get to this point of actually having a book published. Being the single parent of an active teenage daughter doesn’t leave a lot of time for me and my writing, as anyone with kids can tell you so there were a lot of late nights writing and a lot of sleepy mornings heading into work.  I still can’t really believe that I’m actually a published author.

Yes,  I believe most of us with kids can relate to not a lot of time for writing.  I'm a little luckier there I guess,  I can write while at my work many times.

What inspired you to pen your first novel?

First let me say my very first novel has never seen the light of day … lol … But my first published novel, Prince’s Donor, was an inspiration that struck kind of out of the blue after I had read yet another vampire romance. I love vampire romance but they have a tendency to have some of the same elements. So I began thinking of ways that would set mine apart. I wanted to give readers of vampire romance something new and different.

That you definitely did.  I loved how different it was,  which made it very enjoyable to read.

How has your environment/upbringing inspired your writing?

Wow I have always been surrounded by readers. My aunt used to work in Northern Va at a drug store and would bring me bags of books when she would come to visit. It was the highlight of her trip. Not that I don’t love my aunt or enjoy her visits but the books in those bags were going to take a small town country girl all over the US and beyond. I couldn’t wait to see what she had brought me. There wouldn't be any covers on them so I would have to use the descriptions in the books of the many characters to visualize them in my head. Now I find myself closing my eyes sometimes when I want to get the description just right and visualizing it in my head just like I used to when I was younger. If I can think it then I can put it on paper.

Is your family supportive?

They are but I can only imagine it was a bit of a shock for them when I told them my life’s dream was to be a romance writer... lol … I mean who wants to be a romance writer when they grow up? But I will admit they got over it quickly and from time to time they even checked in on my writing. I don’t think my dad stopped smiling for a good thirty minutes when I showed him my book cover on my publisher’s website. He just kept going back to it and looking. It felt good.

Proud Daddy.  I bet it did feel good. 

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Always. There wasn’t a time when I didn’t love writing. Its no surprise English was my favorite subject in school. While my classmates would be complaining about having to come up with a creative story I would be smiling thinking of where I was going to take my teacher this time.

What are your hopes for your writing?

My hopes… I have a lot of them. When people see one of my books I want them to feel confident in the fact that when they open it they are going on a journey and they won’t want to get off until the book is done. I want to be able to take my readers into another place. That’s why I began reading. To escape the small town I was living in. I want to provide that to other people.

You definitely do that,  and I love how well you put it on paper.  As a reader,  I was drawn into the scene and able to visualize it well.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I write my best love scenes when I am listening to rap music. I know people would think its best to either be in complete silence or have soft music playing in the background to set the mood but the hard beat of the music somehow allows that intensity to come out for my love scenes.

Everyone's muse if definitely different. 

What would you say is the hardest thing about writing in general?

Staying motivated when everything you send out is coming back “REJECTED”.  You know right before I sent Prince’s Donor to my current publishing company, Passionate Writer, I had just gotten rejected for it. They told me there was too much back story involved. But I kept saying to myself it’s the first book of a series there has to be some back story so people can know what’s going on. And then I get an offer to publish the same book and I didn’t make one change before sending it to my current publishing company.

That is some good advice as well,  one rejection may be another's acceptance.  Look at Stephenie Meyer,  who was rejected several times before becoming published.

If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be?

Probably a psychologist or social worker…. I enjoy people and I like helping them work through their problems – especially our pre teen and teenagers. I deal with a lot of kids between my daughter’s cheering squad and our boy’s basketball team and they have a lot to say and sometimes just need someone to vent to who won’t pass judgment or hold what they say against them.

How did you know you wanted to write in this genre?

Because it’s what I love to read. I knew that I would be able to bring the excitement I feel for it into my writing. At least that’s what I hope I’m doing.

Rest assured,  you are doing that :).

Do you like the paranormal genre as a reader?

Oh I love it.

Who are your favorite authors?

My favorites are Sherrilyn Kenyon & Christine Feehan

What do you find attractive about the paranormal world of Vampires?

Everything... It’s amazing how a creature who has the power to kill you at will also has the power to turn you into a quivering mass of nothing while doing it.

Was there a lot of research involved in writing this particular story?

There wasn’t. I pulled a lot from just the basic knowledge everyone has of vampires and then put in my extra spin on how they actually get their needs met.

What are some of the challenges of writing in the paranormal genre?  How did you come to make your story of a vampire so much different than the norm?

A few of the challenges with this genre are keeping it fresh which leads into your next question…how did I come up with the idea of the donor program. I read a lot of vampire romance and they have a tendency to all have the same working concept. I wanted to find a way to give it something new while holding true to the familiar characteristics of vampires. The idea for the donor database started out with the “what if” exercise… what if vampires lived in a perfect world what would it look like. They wouldn’t have to worry about finding the blood and sex they need for survival (at least my vampires need blood and sex – lol). They would have an alternative to feeding off of human blood if they wanted – thus the blood supplements. And the donor database was born from there.

It was a great concept that I did find fresh and exciting.

Which of your characters is most/least like you? In what ways?

I would say Jenna and not just because she’s a plus sized female, like myself, but she’s got a lot going on inside that head of hers… she’s uncertain of herself, she’s afraid to go after what she wants most. And for her, like myself, not everyone is in her corner with how she’s living her life and it makes it hard to go after what you really want when in that situation. So there are just so many things about her that I personally can relate to and I think my readers will be able to relate to her as well.

Is there going to be a series for Prince's Donor?

Absolutely !! I wrote the first book with the intentions of it being a series and I am so glad it has been received so well.

I am so excited to hear you say that.  I cannot wait for the next installment.

What are you working on now?

My next book in the Donor Series called Vampire Experiment. It tells the story of Johnna St. Claire, Syrian’s cousin and co-creator of the database. It also delves a little deeper into those who want to see the program fail.

What can your readers expect to find in all of your books regardless of the name on the cover?

Characters who are believable and who my readers can relate to … steamy love scenes … lol … and a story that will bring you into the lives of my characters …  

What advice can you give to aspiring authors of this genre?

The same thing I would like to pass on to any aspiring writer – first, don’t give up. Find those friends, family members or just that 1 person who motivates you to keep writing and who stays on you about sending your work in. And lastly, continue to believe in yourself and the path you have set upon. Don’t let life or people try to dissuade you from doing what you love to do. For me I never say I get writer’s block – I get Cindy’s block and that simply means that when I’m having a low moment about being a writer my creativity comes to a halt. And for any writer when that happens nothing good is coming off the computer. So you have to believe in you and your talent even when no one else does.

Well thank you so much for taking time to chat with us Sindee.  It has been very enlightening,  giving us a good look into your world.  I will be anxiously waiting for Vampire Experiment.  I can't wait to read it.

Sindee Lynn is currently on Virtual Book Tour with Authors Supporting Authors and BK Walker Books.  You can follow her pit stops,  leaving a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of her fantastic book,  Prince's Donor.  Please be sure to follow my blog so I have a way to get a hold of you if you are the winner! 

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Sindee's next pit stop will be April 30,  at the Immortyl Revolution with Denise Verrico.

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