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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help me by voting for your Favorite Cover and Win Immortyl Kisses

Hello y'all.  I am having trouble deciding which cover would be best for my newest Ebook.  The series is Immortyl Kisses,  which will be several novelettes.  The first installment is The Forgotten Kiss,  the second installment is The Kiss of Betrayal.   So with that said,  could you please help me decide which cover would be best by voting for your favorite cover?  The winner will receive a signed disc with PDF's of the first two novelettes included with a jacket and signed cover.

First,  about the books :  So you can see the first cover :) and trailer is at end of this post.

Book 1 The Forgotten Kiss -

A rogue vampire is on the loose Halloween night and Tristan (vampire) and Logan (werewolf) must keep Raine from its clutches.  The rogue vamp is quicker than they think and snatches her right before their eyes.  The boys must put their differences aside and join forces to rescue the girl.  When reality hits that both harvest feelings towards Raine,  one is determined to make her forget Immortyl Kisses.

Book 2 The Kiss of Betrayal -

With her memories missing,  Logan and Tristan must keep Raine from danger.  When a witch comes to warn them of the Rogue back on the hunt,  the danger becomes more imminent than ever.  Will Raine regain her memories before it's too late?  As the truth is revealed,  Raine finds more than just a kiss forgotten.  She becomes the Kiss of Betrayal.
Here are your choices for Book 2:

I would appreciate your helping me decide.  I will run this contest over the weekend and draw a winner on November 22.  

Thanks a bunch :).

Here's the trailer from The Forgotten Kiss:

I don't know if it's just my computer or not,  but if you're having trouble hearing the sound you can go to the link below:



Theresa said...

I love the cover with the girl on it!!

Katie Salidas said...

I love the one with the girl!!

Kulsuma said...

I like the first one!


Ashley @ Bookaholics Anonymous said...

I have to agree i like the one with the girls on it

JoJo said...

I like the one with the girl also