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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hong Kong Stopover Review

Hong Kong Stopover
By: Jacquelyn Webb

Josie Sutherland is an Australian journalist with high hopes of a great story to catch her big break. She instead is always sent to conferences that are dull and uninteresting. She is sent to the American Computer Conference and on her way back she has a three day stopover in Hong Kong.

A disappointed & let down Josie is waiting to catch her flight from Hong Kong to Australia when she notices a good-looking, dressed for success man browsing in a bookstore. A glance from the man, forces Josie to think about her fiancé James. Who she is not in love with...she is just going through the motions of a comfortable relationship.

The man seems uneasy and on edge about buying this book, Josie notices. She just mentally shrugs it off. But, then 2 well-dressed men attempt to rob the man and she throws one of her bags to stop them. This action leads to her meeting the bookstore man whose name is Carey Court. As chance would have it, they are both from Melbourne.

The police bring them in to look at mug shots and to get statements and tell them it won’t take long and they will still be able to catch their flights home. They believe it may be a case of mistaken identity. So, Carey and Josie are kept at a hotel until their flight that evening. At the hotel, Carey and Josie get to know each other. They arrive at airport that evening and there is a turn of event that leads to them not catching their flight home.

They are brought back to hotel, where they will stay for the night. This is where the wild ride begins. I don’t want to give too much away. But through these events, Josie begins to question Carey and his involvement with the events, deal with feelings for Carey and hoping the events will lead to her big breakout story.

I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the interaction and even comedic moments between Carey and Josie. The characters were believable and you can relate to the characters. It also was action packed and quick paced and the romance was well written. Not too strong or mushy.

All in all a good read. Look forward to further books from this author.

**** 4 stars.

Jennifer L. Bonges

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