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Friday, October 21, 2011

Review for Yvette's Haven by Tina Folsom

Yvette's Haven by Tina Folsom - awesome addition to the series. Again Folsom delivered, always giving more than you expected and providing an outstanding story.

Yvette. Yvette. Yvette. Did we ever think she would find love?

Sent to protect an upcoming movie star, Kimberly, after she becomes uncomfortable with Zane, (who'd have ever thought that?), Yvette escorts her to a premiere party. Making herself aware of her surroundings, Yvette meets a gorgeous man who entices her in more ways than one. What she doesn't understand is this gorgeous man, Haven, will soon become her kidnapper and has a few tricks up his sleeve to make it happen.

Haven and his brother Wesley have been searching for their little sister Katie since their mother's death. When Wesley finds himself in trouble and held captive by a witch named Bess, Haven - a bounty hunter - has no choice but to follow the witch's demands. Bess wants Kimberly and knows she's being guarded by vampires. Creating a concoction sure to deem a vampire unconcious, she sends Haven on his way letting him know that if he fails to deliver the goods, Wesley dies.

With surprising twists, amazing characters, and a story to keep you turning the pages, this was an amazing addition to the Scanguards Series. Folsom never lost Yvette's true personality during the process of her falling in love and that is what I love about her writing. Yvette is one hard core bad ass chic, and she still kicks butt even while falling for her true love.

I love this series, I have yet to hate a character they are all phenomenal, and now I cannot wait for Zane's story, the next installment. I'm very anxious to see how his story unfolds considering his personality and...let's say crazy quirk.

A native of Germany, Tina Folsom immigrated first to England in 1991 and then to the USA in 1999 where she lived in various large cities before she made San Francisco her permanent home.

While writing has always been her passion, the trained CPA knew she had to get a "real" job first. Due to the popularity of her books, Tina was able to quit her day job in February 2010 and now writes full time.

Tina is a member of the San Francisco Romance Writers of America. She also meets regularly with her two critique partners who write historical and paranormal romance.


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