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Sunday, June 20, 2010

**** Review of NyteBeauti by Kristin Roisin

NyteBeauti by Kristin Roisin was a fantastic read.  A great plot with enthralling characters,  you will be anxious to find out what Desta must endure next.

Desta awakens with no memories of her past.  Each night the only thing she knows is an unexplainable hunger.  Her memories show men with evil eyes and it only causes her an increased sense of fear with each remembering.

Lucky enough to have found a sanctuary in the basement of a church,  a priest offers her a wine that helps to quench her hunger.  Each night after her meal,  she wanders out into the night,  hoping to find the answers to her past.

She finds herself at the same tavern each night,  and is surprised that it offers her a sense of safety.  She ventures to the back of the tavern where she finds a beautiful lake,  which gives her a sense of peace.  She realizes it is the lake they call "Vampire Lake".  She remembers the tale that a great priest blessed the lake and it was where many of the vampire kind,  her kind,  would meet their demise.

Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted when a man approaches her from her behind telling her that all of her kind should be dead.  Startled at first,  she slowly uses her finger to remove the sword at her throat.  The problem is this vampire slayer feels a strong connection to her,  and instantly resolves not to kill her,  but protect her.

Sensing a trust in Cyrus,  the slayer,  she tells of her memories.  He swears to keep her safe,  and with each night her search continues.  That is until one night,  she meets a pair of the eyes from her memories.

Scared and without thinking,  she runs away.  She runs into Cyrus and tells him of her encounter.  He takes her to a safe place where they sleep until dusk. 

At dusk she ventures out again,  only to find herself in a very compromised situation.  Beaten and near death,  Logan saves her.  Is this the first time her and Logan have met?  As time goes on you will learn that Logan is actually her maker,  without me giving too much away.

Roisin did a fantastic job with this title.  NyteBeauti has the perfect plot,  with a lot of the vampire lore we are used to with some fantastic originality.  Her characters are ones that you will find yourself loving one and angry with the other.  I especially liked Morrigan.  She is a feisty Irish woman with a definite boldness you are sure to fall in love with.  I do hope to see much more of Kristin Roisin.

I give NyteBeauti **** (4) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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