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Friday, December 2, 2011

Review - The Evil Within Anthology

The Evil Within Anthology

The Evil Within, the first Indie Book Collective Anthology, written by Amber Scott, Cristyn West, Kelli McCracken, Matt Posner, Patricia McCallum, and Elena Gray is a fantastic, "fear fest" compilation. I was able to read this quickly and was completely enthralled from beginning to end.

Dirt Nap by Amber Scott: Buried Alive? When Darby wakes to find herself wrapped in plastic surrounded by dirt, she doesn't let panic set in, knowing her oxygen is limited. After breaking free, the confusion sets in and she calls her best friend. As the memories unfold, she learns the truth of what happened, and of Zombies. *grins*

Dark Lullaby by Cristyn West: I just loved this one. When a twelve year old is being stalked by a serial killer, a world reknown profiler steps in to solve the case. Murder hits a little too close to home before the clues are fully clear. Awesome!

Screaming Skin by Matt Posner: One heck of an imagination that left my own skin crawling. Exactly how things can go wrong in the research industry. Brilliant!

The Face of Evil by Kelli McCracken: Sometimes Churches hold the evil within. Leslie knew there was something odd about this church, but when a demon tries to take her soul, she got more than she bargained for just being a cleaning lady. *Demons Beware*

Coffee Shop by Patricia McCallum: This one had me wondering. A beautiful young girl falls for gorgeous guy. They meet everyday in this coffee shop where he walks Rose home. The curiosity begins when this man proposes, but doesn't want her to tell anyone, "yet". Hmmm. Wonder why that is. Then WHAM! Sure enough he comes in with another girl, and completely ignores Rose. She's left with no choice but to infuse her rage into his Latte. Ooops, Rose isn't exactly who she seems to be neither! What a surprising ending, so not what I was expecting.

There Are No Monsters by Rachel Thompson: What can I say? I didn't know Rachel had it in her, but boy she did, and she didn't disappoint me neither. Sasha has just watched her fiance' kill himself in a gruesome way. Sent to a psych ward, she meets Dr. Charlie. Working through the monsters from her past, surprising revelations are made and the truth is found; there are indeed monsters! Phenomenal! Another great twist at the end to have your mind reeling *heehee*.

Highland Chills by Elena Gray: This is one that was so captivating, I actually would love to see this as a full out novel. From falling in love with ghosts to possession, oh yeah! I'm so hungry for more!

Supper by Cristyn West: Holy-Throw-Me-Right-Into-A-Wrong-Turn-Movie! I loved this. My stomach was actually turning as I envisioned this supper, and could so see it playing out in my mind's eye. In my head I was screaming, "Don't eat it! Just Don't!" Awesome ending too. Could so see this one in a movie, for sure!

The overall theme of this book couldn't have been said better than by the title itself. The Evil Within is a brilliant compilation of gory, get your heart pumping stories. I strongly recommend this book! Once you get your hands on it, you will see exactly what I mean.

Hands down 5 Flaming Hearts!

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Mary @SweepingMe said...

Sounds like some great stories. I have to pick this up!