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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Giveaway - Night Secrets

Valentine's Day Giveaway

10 e-copies will be given away in celebration of Valentine's Day. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter, and you can enter daily for more chances to win. Winners will be announced on February 16, 2012. While you're exploring Night Secrets, enjoy a Valentine's Trio with our Night Secrets characters.

Keara Crosby had the perfect life. Her family was not hurting for anything. When her parents are suddenly killed, Keara must learn to live without them. After mourning their death for two months, Keara starts to live again. She follows her favorite band, hangs with her best friend Jared, and falls for the new kid on the block.

When her favorite band is playing at Night Secrets, a new club downtown, she takes her first outing since her parents death and finds this mysterious boy watching her. Mesmerized by his lapus blue eyes, she can't help but feel drawn to him. Her body responds to him in ways she never thought possible, and she needs to figure out why. What is it about Channing that has her yearning for his touch?

Not only is Keara drawn to Channing, but the owner of Night Secrets seems to be drawn to her. Giving her special treatment, she can't help but wonder what he's hiding, and the sense she's seen him before. When she's attacked in the parking lot, her world turns inside out, literally. Keara will soon learn that secrets of the night, just may be the death of her.

A Valentine's Trio (Warning *ADULT CONTENT*)

I was so excited that Channing would be coming today. Spraying on his favorite perfume, I rushed to meet Corbin to pick him up at the airport. I found it strange that werewolves flew on planes, but I guess they are not magical creatures blessed with teletransportation. I really didn't care how he got here I was just excited he was going to finally be here.

"Come on Corbin. I'm ready to go." I moved hastily to the front door.

"Calm down Sweet Keara. I don't understand how you can be so excited. He's just a smelly mutt." He smirked.

"Promise to be nice."

He looked at me with such intensity, I felt the electricity jumping off his body. A shiver ran through me and I was suddenly aroused. "Please Corbin. Let's just go get Channing."

"As you wish."

I could hear him grunt as he placed his arm at the small of my back. His driver was waiting for us patiently. Corbin opened the door and I crawled in, careful not to let my skirt ride up. The car pulled out of the driveway and I thought my heart may quit beating with anticipation. "Can you hurry up, driver?" I pleaded.

"Keara, we will be there in plenty of time to greet him. Relax, please?"

"Fine." I closed my eyes remembering the last time I saw Channing. He was protecting me from Dante', Corbin's crazed brother. The wolves were patrolling my property every night, and I remember him jumping up to my window. The moonlight lit up his blonde hair as he sat crouched in the frame.

"Keara, you may want to control yourself a bit better. I can smell your desire, and you're driving me mad." He pressed his lips into my collar bone and that desire was now more than just a smell, I could feel it.

The driver cleared his throat. "We're here Sir."

I jumped back from Corbin and bolted out of the car. "Hurry Corbin, I don't want him to think we're not here waiting.

Running through the terminal I couldn't wait to see those deep, lapus blue eyes. As I hurried to his boarding gate, I heard my name being called.


Turning abruptly, my jaw hung like a broken hinge. The sight before me was more beautiful than I even remember. His blue eyes were bright as ever, like a gem still waiting to be found. He looked at me and a jolt went through me like an electrical current. "Channing." I put the hinges back on my jaw and smiled. Without waiting another second, I flew into his embrace. "God I've missed you."

Pulling me tightly to him, he kissed the top of my head. "I've missed you too."

I couldn't wait to get him home. The smell of him had my libido on fire, and I partly blame Corbin for that. Pulling him behind me I turned to head back to Corbin's. Seeing Corbin, Channing stopped in his tracks.

Corbin nodded, "Dawg." He grinned.

"Fang-face." Channing retorted.

"I thought we were passed all this." I asked.

Channing smiled. "We are. Just friendly banter."

"Then let's go home." I kissed his cheek and pulled him again.


Back at the house, Corbin had his help deliver a wonderful feast. Being the smart ass he is though, Channing's first plate came out holding a raw steak.

"Just like you pefer, isn't it Dawg?"

"Bite me fang-face."

"Don't tempt me mutt. Bring him his real supper Janelle." Janelle nodded and headed back to the kitchen.

I sent Corbin a warning look. "What? I was just playing. Utilizing that 'friendly banter' the mutt was talking about earlier." He chuckled.


"Okay. I'm sorry. Eat." Corbin sipped his special wine.

Surprisingly, we enjoyed the rest of dinner. Moving into the study, we chatted about what's happened while we've been apart. Time moved slowly, and I grew anxious for some alone time,yawning heartily.

"I'm a bit tired myself. Must have a bit of jet lag." Channing stood, grabbing my hand to pull me up. "I'll see you later fangs." He tipped his imaginary hat before tugging me with him to go to bed.

Closing the door behind us, Channing dropped his bags as I leapt at him, giggling like a school girl. Crushing my lips to his, the heat rose between my legs like somebody had just lit a fire. Wrapping my legs around his waist, he carried me to the bed.

"I've dreamed of this for so long." He lowered me on the bed and crawled on top of me.

Kissing me slowly, he ran his hand down my side, causing a shiver to ripple through me. Using his magic hands, he peeled off clothes until we were both naked beside each other. Planting kisses across my jawline and down my neck, his fingers explored my body like they were feeling it for the first time. Goose pimples formed on my skin, but it wasn't from being cold. I ran my fingers through his hair as he continued kissing down my chest. Flicking his tongue across my nipples, hard peaks formed, a moan escaping my throat.

"Channing..." I couldn't get the rest of what I wanted to say as his fingers started playing in my folds. A wet pool gathered at my core and he plunged his fingers inside.

Opening my legs he moved further down my body. My breathing became a pant and before I could control it any further, he gathered my hips up sinking his tongue into my wetness. He kept exploring with his tongue as I moaned out in pleasure. It was just as I remembered it. His tongue moved over my clit and I felt my walls tighten just before an orgasm erupted between my legs, like a hand grenade exploding before you had time to throw it after pulling the pin. My back arched and I felt my muscles spasm, over and over again. Pulling his face from my womanhood, he moved to linger above me. Without giving it a second thought, I flipped him to his back and straddled him. Finding him hard, I slid above his girth and slowly let him enter me. Knowing he was large and not seeing him for so long, I took my time as I took him in. My wetness slicked his shaft until I slid completely over him. Finding a rhythm, I rode him like a cowboy riding into the night.

Moaning out, I felt him grow harder, just before we both climaxed. I never heard the door open and jumped when suddenly I felt someone behind me. Turning my head, Corbin was straddling Channing's legs as he wrapped his arms around me from the back, kissing my neck. "Sweet Keara. I love the smell of your desire."

"Corbin." I quickly looked at Corbin, who still had his eyes clsoed.

"It will be fine Keara."

Pulling me back, he bent me over so my head was at Channing's crotch. I watched as his manhood came back to life. Corbin ran his hand down my back, causing another round of need within me. Playing with my ass, he pushed my head towards Channing's now erect cock. "Suck him."

I paused looking at Channing once again. He didn't seem to be mad or bothered, but aroused. Placing my mouth around his thickness, I used my tongue as a lubricant. When I took him fully in, I felt Corbin pull my ass cheeks apart and plunge his own thickness deep inside me. Gasping, I moved faster with my mouth around Channing. He moaned out and Corbin thrust faster. Deeper and deeper he sank with each plunge, and I finally relaxed enough to meet him thrust for thrust while still sucking Channing's cock.

It felt like a dream, one that I couldn't believe was even happening. I never thought in a million lives that Channing would allow Corbin in the same bed, let alone sharing the same woman.

Hearing Corbin let out a pleasurable sigh, Channing let his seed flow and at the same time I felt the spasms as we all fell over the edge...together.

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Andrea DiGiglio said...

I'm sort of an anti Vday person but I love a good paranormal story!

Andrea DiGiglio said...

forgot to add my email! dreadigiglio@gmail.com

Nightly Cafe said...

Thanks for stopping in Andrea :). I don't celebrate V-Day too much either, but thought I could with a giveaway this year lol.

Dear Readers:

Stop in and Meet Andrea at www.vbtcafe.com - you could win a copy of Finding Alice. She's on tour :).

jkrowyn said...

Hi there! I'm not sure who I'd be for, probably team channing, I'll have to read more to find out! Thanks!!

Artesia at comcast dot net

Mary @SweepingMe said...

I think I would be Team Channing! I would love to win a copy. I do celebrate but very low key. Mostly I just like giving something to my girls for it. They get super excited.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
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