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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VBT Pit Stop At the Round Table & Kindle and E-book Giveaway with Sandra Bunino - Marooned in Miami

Sandra Bunino began a love of romance stories while penning a creative writing assignment in high school. The story ended with the heroine receiving a long stem red rose in her locker on Valentine’s Day. Since then, all of her stories feature the hero presenting the heroine with roses. Sandra is constantly searching for different ways to achieve a heart-pumping, stomach-flipping, breath-catching reaction from her readers. 

These days, Sandra lives on a wooded mountaintop not far from New York City with her family. Living so close to the city affords her the best of both worlds and provides wonderful writing material. She occasionally pretends to be in a Sex in the City episode and has renamed her best girlfriends Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda which she blogs about often. 

Sandra’s first release is an erotic romance novella entitled Marooned in Miami and is currently hard at work on the sequel.  

Twitter: @sandrabunino

BK: Please tell us a little bit about your current release...

Marooned in Miami is my erotic romance debut novella about two strangers caught in the perfect storm. It’s a story that begins with the hero and heroine sharing a lustful no strings attached night only to discover they cannot simply walk away from each other (Amazon or B&N).

BK: What inspired this particular novel/book?

The story was born last summer while I was traveling in the south on business. A raging storm was pounding the area and I was so relieved to finally reach my hotel. As I walked into the lobby a calm serenity took over my senses. The story sparked and grew as I entered the inviting lounge for a drink.

BK: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I developed a love of writing while taking creative writing classes in high school. Like most writers, I love to people watch. I develop stories in my mind from everyday events that just unfold and beg to be written.

BK: How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?

I greatly respect my fellow authors and am proud to be able to include them as mentors, colleagues and friends. My stories are erotic but also romantic. There is a lust to love development in each book. I love to progress my sexy scenes from flat out infatuation to intimacy as the characters become more emotionally attached. It’s all about the connection.

BK: What was the hardest thing about writing this story?

The hardest thing about writing this story was the dynamic between Stephanie and her ex-husband. As a long time happily married chick, I took great care when writing this dialog and interaction to ensure it was realistic to the situation.

BK: What character was your favorite to write for in this story? Why?

I want to say Stephanie was my favorite because she is such a fashonista but, truthfully, Jason was my favorite character to write. Jason is very multi-faceted. He’s your typical Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Alpha-male but we also see a vulnerable side that makes him very sexy.

BK: Which was your favorite scene to write?

Oh, that would have to be the elevator scene. This was an added scene to the original story. At first Jason and Stephanie met in the hotel lounge because Stephanie didn’t want to chance an elevator ride during the vicious storm. Later I decided to have them take a chance on the elevator only to, you guessed it, get stuck between floors. We learn a great deal about both characters during this scene, which sets the mood for the rest of the book.

BK: Will this become a series? If so, what inspired it to be a series?

There will be a sequel to Marooned in Miami entitled Lusted in Las Vegas. I felt the story of Stephanie and Jason needed to develop and grow. Sin City is a great place to continue a tryst!

BK: Now for a little fun, and into your everyday life, what is a day in your life like?

My life is extremely busy! I’m a wife and mother of an amazingly supportive family. Besides our kids, my husband and I have two dogs – a German Shepherd who thinks she’s a Maltipoo and a Maltipoo who in turns thinks he’s a German Shepherd.

BK: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I enjoy photography and watching my son play lacrosse and football. I can usually be found on the sidelines of one of his games snapping pictures.

BK: What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

I don’t think people would expect that I’ve worked in Corporate Finance and hold an MBA in business management. As far as I’m concerned the first rule in business is rules are just guidelines.

BK: What do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

I enjoy all different genres but I especially like to read romance and mystery. I love to read Nicolas Sparks, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and Lawrence Sanders’ McNally series. One of my favorite erotic romance writers is Lynda Chance. It was Lynda’s stories that encouraged me to follow my dream to become a published author.

BK: Please tell us one piece of advice you were given as an author that you carry with you when you write?

Stay true to your story and don’t pay too much attention to reviews, both good and bad.

BK: What is one piece of advice you can give to aspiring writers/authors?

Don’t give up! Stay on course and continue to write. There are many publishing opportunities out there today.

BK: What are you currently working on?

I currently have three active WIP’s. The first is a sweet romance novel entitled Sara’s Smile. I am also writing the continuation of Stephanie and Jason’s story, Lusted in Las Vegas. My third is another novella in my “A Sensual Short Story” series tentatively entitled Captured in Cozumel about a modern day Spanish pirate.

BK: Where can readers connect with you?

Readers can contact me through my website www.sandrabunino.com and on Amazon Author Central. I am also on Twitter @sandrabunino (following is sexy!) and on Facebook.

Undeniable lust and a fierce Miami storm bring sexy strangers together at The Hotel Del Santos for a passion filled night. 

Stephanie, still reeling from a failed marriage, needs a break from the past. She decides to take her friends’ advice and finds a perfect stranger for a night of no-strings-attached, smoking hot sex. 

Jason, a wealthy Seattle builder has the worst luck with love. Swearing he would never allow another woman to get under his skin, Jason decides a life of casual sex is just fine with him. While watching Stephanie’s sexy stilettos click across the lobby floor he zeros in on his next conquest. 

Cut off from the outside world, the lives of these two strangers collide and burn with desire when stranded in the perfect storm. Both are content with the idea of sharing a glorious one-night stand together, that is, until they go their separate ways.

“This is an interesting predicament we’re in,” she said softly as she strode to the sofa.
Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  “How so?”
“Well, there’s no power or cell service, no way to contact the outside world, and there’s you and me. The way I see it, the night belongs to us and we can do with it whatever we want.”  She stood directly in front of him now.
Jason rose and took her face into his hands; his mouth was so close to hers that she felt his sweet breath on her lips. “What do you want, Stef? You need to tell me.”
Stephanie tried to clear the fog in her head. This wasn’t harmless flirting anymore; it was the real thing. Her failed relationship came to mind again. She and Gary never really had a good marriage, and it came to an abrupt end because of a circumstance similar to this. One night not too long ago, Gary admitted to having an affair with one of his coworkers. She kicked herself for wasting so much time with him. God, I’m thirty years old and have never had great, mind-blowing sex.
  Here she was with a random hottie in her arms, not to mention the fact that she was cut off from the rest of the world.  It was the perfect storm. This was an ideal opportunity to shed her insecurities and move on with her life. She lifted her eyes to meet his, licked her lips seductively and whispered one word, “You.”


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Nightly Cafe said...

Thank you so much for chatting with me today Sandra.

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win that Kindle dear readers.

Thanks for stopping in.

Sandra Renee Pesso said...

It's great to be visiting your blog today! Thank you for having me.

Readers, be sure to leave a comment here for a chance to enter my ebook and Kindle giveaway. Feel free to ask a question or two, I would love to hear from you. ~ S

Sandy said...

Are love scenes easy for you? I have to admit I find them difficult to write. Your excerpt was terrific.

Thanks for inviting me, B.K. Interesting interview.

Mary @SweepingMe said...

Where did you come up with this cover? I think it is the hottest, sexiest cover of all time. I love it!

mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

Sandra Renee Pesso said...

Hi Sandy,

Great name and great question!

The most difficult love scene to write was my first. As it unfolded on my computer screen I kept looking over my shoulder thinking "I can't believe I'm writing this!" - LOL!

I try not to think about who will be reading the scene. I just clear my head, drink a glass of a nice red wine (my current favorite is Menage A Trois (no joke!) its a Cali Zin/Cab/Merlot blend - delish!), and let the scene flow.

Thanks for reading my excerpt! ~S

Sandra Renee Pesso said...

Hi Mary~
I would really love to take credit for the cover of Marooned in Miami but the accolades belong to my publisher, Jennifer Bradley, at Bradley Publishing and the talented cover artist, Jinger Heaston.

I gave Jinger my vision for the cover and she produced what you see now. I fell in love with it at first sight!

I do have a funny story about this cover. Some book sites have refused my request to advertise Marooned in Miami because both models are nude. I fought to keep my current ad up at one very popular Romance book site (I check to make sure it's still there every day!). So apparently the cover is blazing a new trail in the sea of romance book covers.

Thank you for the compliment! ~S

Lynda Chance said...

Great Interview! The Youtube video rocks!! I really enjoyed reading Marooned in Miami, great first book. Thanks for the sweet mention, I'm so glad I was able to get your creative juices flowing! Keep writing ( and reading, of course!)

Siobhan Muir said...

Thanks for hosting this interview. And it was a great one, Sandra.

When I first saw that cover, I showed my husband and we agreed it was one of the sexiest we've ever seen.

Congrats on the debut release. :)

nevadafox AT gmail DOT com

Sandra Renee Pesso said...

Thank you hugs out to Lynda Chance and Siobhan Muir! Two amazing ladies who happen to be ROCKIN authors as well.

Mary Preston said...

MAROONED IN MIAMI looks amazing. I have added it to my wish list.


Unknown said...

This cover is great. I have to add this book to my list!