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Friday, June 6, 2014

Interview With Caddell Brown - Freakquency

Welcome to IAB. I'm so glad you could stop in today to chat. May I offer you a beverage? 

Witches Brew, please.

Now that we are settled in, let's get to know you better.

BK: Looking out the nearest window, describe the scene you see.

A brick wall. Literally. I’m at work and there’s a breezeway outside my window but the other side is brick wall.

BK: Tell us about your office. Is it a mess like mine, or is everything in its place?
My office is partially organized and partially messy.

BK: What is a must-have, such as coffee or a favorite pen that you need to write?

I need a good keyboard with keys that make a distinct clicking sound. I also need trim nails in order to type as fast as I do.

BK: Do you like to write in silence, or do you need music or background noise?
I must have silence. The only background noise that doesn’t bother me is ambient sound and even then it must be subtle and not too loud.

BK: Tell us a bit about your hero/heroine, and their development.

Rick Chamberland is a quintessential bad boy, mama’s boy, narcissist, Romeo god of seduction. He lives the fast life, loves the spoils of his celebrity, namely the ladies.

BK: As a writer myself, I'm always curious how other writers get through stumble blocks. When you find a story not flowing, or a character trying to fight you, how do you correct it?

I abandon the character. I lock the door, stuff the key in my pocket and wave goodbye to the character from the window. I have to move on to someone else. I can’t be bogged down by a character that isn’t developing.

BK: Using the letters of your first name as an acronym, describe your book...

Caustic, analogous, devious, delicious, erotic, longing.

BK: How did your writing journey begin?

I began writing poetry. It wasn’t until I took a course in creative non-fiction that I truly began to grasp what it was and is to write. I was in graduate school when that happened.

BK: Using the letters from the word, Summer, how would friends and family describe you?

Sweet, unique, moody, merciful, easygoing, random

BK: What is the craziest thing you've ever written about, whether it got published or not?

A fanfiction about Star Wars character Xanatos de Crion. I attempted to write him as a petulant youth growing into boyhood: rebellious, strong, dealing with mood swings and coming to grips with the death of his father and his hatred of the Jedi. He was my first attempt at writing a sociopath.

BK: Tell us one thing you've done in life that readers would be most surprised to know.

When I was younger I had an experience with the supernatural. This has since been confirmed by my sister who experienced the same.

BK: What can we expect from you in the future?

A follow-up to Freakquency tentatively titled Talisman.

This or That...

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Night Owl or Early Bird? Night Owl

Fantasy or Mystery? Mystery

Pen/Paper or Computer? Computer

Pizza or Burger? Burger

Rock or Country? Rock

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Beach or Mountains? Beach

Thank you so much for having us as one of your stops today. It has been great getting to know more about you and your book, and hope you will come back when the next release is out (*hinthint*)

Wishing you much success!

BK Walker


Genre: Speculative, Supernatural, Horror, Erotica

Publisher: NomaBlack

Date of Publication: 02/14/2014


Number of pages: 187
Word Count: 47000

Cover Artist: NomaBlack

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Book Description:

What southern-grown, rock star Rick Chamberland doesn’t know about his family’s dark past comes to light when he returns home to Louisiana at the request of his mother. Rick has spent the last fifteen years of his life dedicated to music, touring the world, completely oblivious to the secrets coded in his legacy.

Meanwhile, Song Peters, a dutiful daughter taking care of a dying mother, dreams of the day she can break free of small town life and pursue her one true passion, singing. Rick meets Song and instantly sparks ignite.

They make beautiful music together and soon find that they share similar upbringings. Rick comes to learn that their families are supernaturally intertwined and that the one denominator (a demon by the name Nova) connected to both families threatens to destroy them all if they do not obey.

About the Author:

Caddell Brown, born and raised in East Texas, authors a range of speculative fiction. Among her early influences are artist Rene Magritte, film director Andrei Tarkovsky and author Dan Simmons.

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