"I am ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared to meet me is another matter."
-Winston Churchill

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Train & Taunt

Hello my fellow peeps & bloggers!  I am so happy Spring is in full bloom and warmer weather is finally here.  Last night was beautiful,  and I'm not even going to complain about the rain.  I'm happy with the warm.  So I know I've been slacking a bit on my weekly features,  but I have been one busy chic!  First,  I started back to school and getting over the shock of learning the classroom and the programs was a shock in itself.  Over this past weekend,  my daughter got hurt and is now on crutches - possibly facing surgery,  my mother is in need of a PCA since my daughter was it,  and my Gram gave us a scare as she took a bus trip to MO and that's where that big tornado hit killing people.  I know I don't vent to ya'll much but here it is.  Boy does that feel good :) - THANK YOU.

So because I'm at work you get this weeks Tuesday Taunt plain (Sorry) and don't forget to hop on the train with me.  I love the train,  it's so relaxing.

Shift by Takumi Yamazaki
Page 74

Can you miagine how much energy it would take to power our while brain at once?  I heard once that it would require the energy of nearly an entire power plant.  Naturally we don't have access to that much energy,  so only 3 percent of our brains will work at one time.

Brain power?  I think our brains might explode if we used the energy from a power plant.  This is a great book though and I think you would like it.  Watch for my upcoming review.



Hop on the train with me and let's enjoy the ride.  For those of you stopping in off the train,  please be sure to leave a link to your blog so I can follow you back if I don't already.  Have a HAPPY TUESDAY!

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Christy said...

Life just likes to get in the way I swear. I hope all is well with your family.