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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks Release Contest

If you would like to donate any patriotic items or patriotic themed e-books or books,  Kiki Howell is putting together a contest for her newest release - A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks.  You can find all the details below,  and if you know of someone that may be able to help out or has the perfect book please pass this along.  It's free promo for books.

From the Author:
Got a book/ebook or handmade item that has a patriotic/military theme that you would like some promo for? I'm putting together a contest for the week of Memorial Day for the ebook release of A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks.

Email me at howell (dot) kiki (at) gmail (dot) com if interested! I am hoping to have two prize bundles: one ebook bundle and one print book/handmade gifts bundle. All donations will need to be sent to me ahead of time so I can send them out together. 

Note: I would like to have some craft items and promote Etsy shops or other websites as well. Or, if you are an author who does not have a patriotic book released, but would still like to be involved, think of a patriotic craft or item that you could donate. Links will accompany the item description in the contest post.

Kiki Howell
~where love is a mystical thing~

A Strange Freedom, Blood and Fireworks, a novella

Blurb: Can a witch gain her freedom to live as she chooses between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July?  

A man was not exactly what Meranda was looking for when she went to her grandfather’s grave for a ritual of remembrance on Memorial Day.  However, what she thinks is a ghost in the heavy shadows of the night ends up a vampire. 

When Meranda’s grandfather lay dying on a bloody battlefield in WWII, Alexander promised the man he would take care of his family if he got out of the war alive.  Even though he returned to the states a night walker, he has done his best to honor that promise from a distance. 

When Meranda is hurt due to his negligence, Alexander valiantly fights his own desires for her blood to save her.  Only, once she is better, their lives clash.  But, using a little magic, she plans to win their war by the time the fireworks light up the sky on Independence Day.

Genres: Contemporary, Paranormal (Vampire & Witch), Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language, Toys

Coming May 27th, 2011 in eBook from Excessica Publishing

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