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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Tour de Force - Round 3

Welcome back to Round 3 of the Blog Tour de Force Cage Match Edition!  Today we have another great lineup - Kimberly Kinrade VS John Sundman!

Fighters,  please come to the center of the ring.  In the first corner,  weighing in with Bits of You & Pieces of ME,  making her way to the top with several 5/5 Star reviews,  KIM-BERLY KIN-KADE!  (RAWRRRRRRRR),  in the next corner,  weighing in with Acts of the Apostles,  with raving reviews, JOHNNNN SUND-MANNNN (RAWRRRRRRRRRR),  please tap gloves.

Please stop into your favorite authors blog,  or both,  hey why not?  and leave them a comment.  Not only will you gain an entry to win a brand spankin' new Kindle,  you will get some awesome books and chances at some great gift baskets.  You can stop in for all the rules at the Blog Tour de Force.   

So here is some info about Acts of the Apostles by John Sundman

March 1990: American-led forces assemble in Saudi Arabia for "Desert Storm", the largest military operation since the Normandy Invasion. Meanwhile, across the globe in Massachusetts, in a former textile mill that's been converted to the home of legendary computer company Digital Microsystems, computer chip designer Todd Griffith is working past dark during a late winter snowstorm, trying to find out why his "Kali" chip keeps randomly messing up. After working without sleep for 3 days, Todd discovers a secret function hidden among the hundreds of thousands of microscopic transistors-- clearly sabotage. He calls his boss in California to report his discovery, then leaves the Mill and walks home through a blizzard. Seven hours later Todd is shot in the head as he lies sleeping in his bed. 

December, 1995: After a grueling week in the Silicon Valley fast lane, burnt-out bi-coastal software engineer Nick Aubrey, Todd’s best friend, boards a "red-eye" flight to Boston and winds up seated next to a very disturbed man who claims to know the secret of Gulf War Disease, a mysterious ailment afflicting thousand of Desert Storm veterans & which the government denies even exists. Over Utah, Nick's chance companion meets his dramatic demise and the police suspect Nick of murder. Soon everybody wants a piece of Nick--from the Salt Lake City Airport police to the CIA, from billionaire venture capitalists and paranoid cybermilitiamen to end-of-the-millennium cultists and exotic foreign beauties. The only person who doesn't want a piece of Nick is his distant wife, a beautiful biologist with a secret or two of her own. 

In freeing himself from a web of murder, deceit and double-crosses, Nick comes to learn that the key to the secret of Gulf War Syndrome (and, as it turns out, the real reason behind George W. Bush's war on Iraq 13 years later) resides in a pharmaceutical laboratory in Basel Switzerland, where scientists are frantically working on submicroscopic machines to rearrange human DNA and make possible, among other things, remote mind control. When their work is done, the Gulf War will look like child's play. Only Nick can stop them. But first he's going to have to find the Trojan horse hidden in the Kali computer chip. He can't do that without the help of his friend Todd, and Todd's been in a coma for nearly half a dozen years.

Bits of You and Pieces of Me by Kimberly Kinrade


“She has learned to love. To fear. To hate. And then to love again. Through it all, she writes.” ~Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl

"Bits of You & Pieces of Me" is a collection of short stories, poetry & essays on life. While each piece stands alone, together the chapters tell the story of an idealistic girl in love with love who discovers the demons of a splintered heart when that love turns violent. Through it all, she climbs her way back to Hope and finds that in the end her True Heart remained Unbreakable.

This collection dives into the heart of painful love, abuse, passion and one woman's journey through her Dark Night of the Soul.

My Review:

Bits of You & Pieces of Me by Kimberly Kinrade was beautiful.  A collection of poems,  short stories and life experiences,  there is Bits of You & Pieces of Me and Bits of Me & Pieces of You,  there is something for everyone, that anyone can relate to,  you're surely going to be touched or feel some sort of emotion during your time reading this.  

At times I felt like she was writing about my own life,  and Kinrade puts it all on the line,  out in the open baring her soul through her writing.  You're going to love this book as I did.  It's a great book to curl up at night with,  a great coffee table edition to pick up anytime,  it's just a great book to have.  The poems were meaningful,  the short stories brilliant,  the life experiences touching.  You need to get a copy of this book today.  You can certainly win a copy from Kimberly herself by hopping over to her blog today and leaving her a comment!  Don't delay,  go enter today.  

Who will you vote for?  


Eileen said...

I have loved and lost and still I live!

Eileen at booksrusonline dot com

JaylieG said...

I have loved and lost and still I live!

jgrissum AT msn DOT com

Jaidis said...

I have loved and lost and still I live!

JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

Kimberly Kinrade said...

#WOOTWOOT Thanks all! Love all the loving! And thanks to my awesome sponsor for the great review ;)

Judy said...

A great review. This does look like a very good read and I do love the cover.

I have loved and lost and sill I live.


Suzanne said...

I have loved and lost and still I live!

And I cannot wait 'til next week, when I have the time to finish this book! :-)

Suzanne Adair

suzanneadair at gmail dot com

Monica-Marie Vincent said...

I have loved and lost and still I live!

GREAT review! I like how the collection actually works to make a whole! Awesomeness!!