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Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Tour de Force - Cage Matches Begin Today! Vote to Win

Welcome to the Blog Tour de Force!  I'm so excited!  Today our cage matches begin.  You all have a chance to win by simply following the instructions.  It's easy as pie!  To start off the week,  we have....

You can find all of the rules for the Blog Tour de Force by clicking on the name.   

Visit each author by clicking on their book covers below and see how you can get even more chances to win!


"I fiercely love Fierce Dawn!"  
"Step aside Edward,  Hello Elijah!"


"Sleep with the lights on!"

"There's a thin line between madness and genius!"

Here is what Amber Scott has to say:

10 Reasons I Should WIN the Cage Match:

1. Fierce Dawn is awesome. No, really. It’s a read in one day, sigh, swoon, gasp kind of book that will stay with you long after it’s through.
2. Wine. If I win, my husband will buy me wine. Copious amounts of my favorite but slightly pricey Basket Case wine. Writer’s Block merlot is my back-up. I heart wine.
3. Laundry. If I win, I have a golden excuse for why the three foot high pile is still staring us down from the living room corner begging to be folded.
4. A signed ebook, personalized to the winner. That’s right. Signed! One winner gets to be one of the first to get in on what will be a huge trend.
5. The ‘spoil you’ secret prize. I’m not allowed what to say is in the prize. I can tell you it smells amazing and will make you feel pretty. Or handsome as the case may be. I can also tell you the last person who got one of these said, “OMG, Amber! I didn’t know you’d send me ____ ____! I am spoiled! And the ____ ____ ____ is perfect for my coming vacation in Hawaii!”
6. Cristyn West is a social media goddess with years of experience on me. She is certain she’s going to win this thing blindfolded with one leg tied to her nose. I love her, but I’m dying to stick it to her!
7. Pretty please with chocolate covered cherries on top and whipped cream, too.
8. The prize to the Cage Match champion is a book video creation and that would really rock because May 18th Fierce Dawn is up for Bestseller For a Day and a book video will spread the word!
9. Pajama pants. My kids are dying to get me a pair of snazzy pajama pants and if I win, I’ll let them. I’ll even wear them. On camera. Cuffed.
10. I can’t think of one for number ten. So I’m going to tell you that my favorite movie of all time is Hamlet 2 and if you’ve seen it, you know, I should win. 

Be sure to stop into their blogs and leave a comment so you can be entered.

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