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-Winston Churchill

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

**** Need by Carrie Jones

Need by Carrie Jones was fantastic. Though there were a few slow parts, once she got into the action Jones knew how to deliver.

Zara has just lost her father and when she slips into an almost catatonic state, her mother sends her to live with her Gram in Maine. One thing Zara does to help her through a stressful situation is recite phobias. Who knew there were so many different phobias?

As Zara tries to find her place in her new town, she is followed by a man from Charleston. This man keeps popping up out of nowhere and pointing at Zara giving her the creeps. When her Gram tells her she must not go out after dark, Zara doesn't understand what the danger in that could be.

There's more to this puzzle than meets the eye though. As she befriends Nick, a gorgeous kid from school, electricity sparks and he does more than just protect Zara from the man that follows her. Zara not only falls for this boy, she also finds that there is more to the world she lives in than just mere mortals, and phobias.

The plot thickens and relationships develop. Zara and Nick learn that this dark, creepy, man that's been following her is in fact a Pixie King in search of his Queen. When he can't bring his queen home, the need to survive grows and boys end up missing as it's fulfilled.

As the plot unfolds, Zara learns the secrets from her family's past, and one that she is not too proud to inherit as her own.

Jones did a great job with Need. Suspenseful with exciting twists you would have never thought of. I really enjoyed this read and the ending was the best, leaving me wanting more. I can't wait for Captivate.

4/5 Stars

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