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Saturday, January 15, 2011

***** Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater was astounding!  I absolutely loved this book!

Grace always watches the wolves in the woods bordering her back yard.  One wolf in particular,  her wolf,  the one that saved her when she was a child.  She would recognize her wolf anywhere.

Years later,  Grace still awaits the cold months to arrive,  awaiting her wolf to reappear so she doesn't feel so alone.  The wolves give her comfort.

Except this year,  when she meets a boy,  Sam.  Sam is hurt and Grace is determined to save him,  only when she does,  recognition sets in and what she thought was a possibility is now a reality.

Sam is her wolf.

We watch the relationship between Grace and Sam grow,  and let me just tell you,  the connection to these characters is instant.  Sam must keep warm,  because it is in the colder months of the year that he loses his skin and transforms into a wolf.  Grace is determined to not let him go,  fighting to keep him in his human skin as she now feels complete.

It was so easy to become engulfed with this title,  and emotionally connected.  I found myself squirming,  and even crying at how this story evolves (no spoilers here).  At one point,  I was a little disappointed as I felt like I was reading Twilight again, (boy meets girl, girl finds out secret, boy and girl hide out keeping the secret safe,  parents are oblivious),  but it was the briefest of moments,  and then I was back in Shiver.  It's not that this story isn't of its own accord,  but I think that sometimes it's just so hard not to compare to other books we've read. 

With that being said,  Shiver was a nice change from the Vampire perspective and I absolutely loved this book!  The relationship between Grace and Sam was very moving and the entire plot was captivating.  Stiefvater did a magnificent job,  pulling you in,  keeping you in,  and leaving you wanting more!  I cannot wait to read Linger.

I give Shiver ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker

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Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I need to get to this series soon! So much to read...

have a great weekend!

Tha Motha Load said...

Now that's an excellent review; I'm such a beginner. Can't decide if I'm giving too little, but don't want to give too much either; oh well!! I suppose practice makes perfect (or at least closer to it). Thanks for stopping by my blog; and I really like yours!!