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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mailbox Mondays

Welcome to my Mailbox Mondays.  For those of you visiting for the first time,  thanks for stopping in.  Mailbox Mondays is where I share the books I received either in the mail or my email inbox the prior week.  If you would like to join me for Mailbox Mondays,  simply copy the picture above and use it in your own post,  then leave me a comment with your link so I can hop over to check out the books you received in the mail.  For those of you stopping in again,  yay and thank you for stopping back.  Don't forget to check out my 300 follower giveaway by clicking the button in the right side bar for your chance to win some great prizes :).

This week I received some great books for review.

From the author:

Join Gordon Osmond in his attempt to produce from the disparate elements of his long life some coherent whole and purposeto discover the root causes of the authors ultimate sense of highly partial personal fulfillment.
Long on analysis and short on chronological order, this unauthorized autobiography (sic) takes you to Osmond's diverse domiciles, (the United States, England, Japan, and Brazil), and to his toilings in the various vineyards of law, theatre, tennis, and teaching.
In our lives, we all have episodes of pride and shame, of celebration and despair, and of conquest and defeat. Osmond hopes that this account of these opposite events in his life may in some measure illuminate and inform the reader's own life odyssey.

From Writers Group:

In this second collection of stories, the fabulous Swishy Pete and his cohorts double the funny. Don't worry, dolls -- each episode is better than the last. Revisit Delicious, Minnie, and Char as they delve deeper into their lives and the unique friendship they share. Join them in celebrating Chars’ birthday as wackiness ensues and the comical Aunt Bessie is introduced.

Conversations with Swishy Pete Volume II gathers together twelve flash fiction “episodes” featuring Swishy Pete and his friends as they dish on life in the Big Apple. Sometimes deep, often humorous, these short stories bring a fresh perspective that redefines GLBT stereotypes.

So, honey, come listen in as Pete tells it like it is.
In a world of ever-increasing demands, variations and inconsistencies, how does one carve a content, meaningful, functional existence? Liberian-American author Hortense Duarma Grimes utilizes wisdom, humor, spiritual insight and personal accounts to inspire readers to overcome adversity, trample ordeals, and turn trials into triumphs. She Shall Stand delivers a message of hope and encouragement for everyday living. Stories of an African upbringing provide a warm and vivid window into a different time and culture. Hilarious stories tell of the author's adjustment as an immigrant. Ms. Grimes gives a testimony of the power of prayer and faith. She tells of the unending capacity of God's grace and love when one places intimate trust in Jesus Christ. She calls readers to utilize the option of "never quitting" and a reminder that "perseverance will yield good results, every time." She Shall Stand narrates the formation and purpose of the author's ministry, an outreach for spiritual motivation and self-rehabilitation, which has a motto of "helping hurting people help themselves." Ms. Grimes shares the blueprint of that Outreach with a vision to construct Christian spiritual retreat centers in the four corners of Africa. In a masterful introduction of this page-turner, Grimes recaptures human existence and asserts: "Every day mankind waits. We wait for the dawn to break; we wait for dusk to fall. We wait to rise up and begin daily activities; we wait to settle down at the end of each day. In villages, towns, and cities we wait; we awake and wait for something to set our paths in motion. ... People are continuously waiting, life becomes a long journey of wait-watch and wait-wait and see." The author offers a poignant message: "Therefore, life's variations and inconsistencies should not prevent our living abundantly and making good use of the time we have been allotted on this earth. An accounting will be required of each of us, and it must be explained what we've made of God's gift-the gift of life."

From Publicist:


When Jack Bernstein's prodigal daughter Lara is killed as a result of the bombing of flight 320, the one time chess grandmaster is completely unaware that the flight was downed for one reason… to stop his daughter coming home.

Having been summoned via a strangely coded message to a meeting with a man referring to himself only as 'Simon', Jack is made aware that his daughter was leaving a lot more than her new life behind. She was also leaving a secret… one that has been building for centuries and one which a global group of corporations will stop at nothing to protect. It soon becomes apparent that Lara Bernstein's new life was no accident. Lara was selected to become part of an ever-expanding belief and her selection was a direct result of her father's company's near-perfection of the one thing they need - true artificial intelligence, computer systems capable of cracking the most complex codal system known to man.

Slowly, Jack Bernstein is being drawn into a global game of chess in which he has been an unwitting pawn for over a decade. To keep him in the game they have already killed his wife and now his daughter. When the game is over, they will kill a whole lot more unless Jack can find the one thing he never dreamed existed…

This one will include a review and giveaway!

That's what was in my mailbox this week,  what was in yours?

Until next time,

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E Kelly said...

Wow! Sign me up for CodeX. It sounds intriguing and creative. Adding it to my TBR list.