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Monday, February 14, 2011

***1/2 Criminal Company by Naomi Chapman

Well first I must say that this title had a great plot.  The characters were likeable as well and I fell in love with Eli. 

Holly was interviewing for a job at a hotel as an assistant.  She never thought she would get the job,  but when Sam told her she was hired she was ecstatic.  This job meant extra money to pay bills and maybe get ahead a little.

When she meets Eli,  the son of the owners of the Hotel,  she couldn't believe how gorgeous he was.  She was sure he would never go for her though,  thinking she wasn't his type at all.  Eli surprises her when asks her out on a date. 

Sam,  one of the 6 friends within the company tells Holly that she needs to play hard to get.  Holly does as she is told and only drives Eli crazy and he now wants her more than ever.

In the background we have Natalie.  Natalie is the daughter of the owners,  and the child left behind.  She hates her brother,  hates her parents for babying her brother and wants the freedom and the money Eli has access to.  Her story ties into the theme and brings the knowledge of wrong doings.

What Holly doesn't know is that Eli,  Mark,  Brian,  Jake,  Paul and Sam are part of another business on the side.  The business of Murder.  Holly only sees what's on the surface,  Sam and Paul sneaking away during the day for sex,  Jake, Brian and Mark always with Eli,  but she only assumes it's business.  That is until someone else asks Holly out and the plot thickens.

Holly does date Eli,  falls in love,  while Eli has never been in love and can't understand what she is doing to him,  and hiding behind the scene affairs.  Is Eli in love for the first time?  And will he change his ways for the woman he loves?

Like I said this title has a fantastic plot.  What I didn't like was how whiny Holly could be at times.  She actually drove me nuts to the point that I just wanted to reach into the pages and slap her.  Eli was a fun character.  Having never dated a woman for more than 2 days,  it was fun to watch him realize he could possibly love this woman.

I loved Sam's feistiness,  she was a great asset to this book.  We are actually introduced into two romances,  when we meet Eli's sister Natalie,  who plots to destroy them all.  Natalie and Wess,  the man for hire,  fall in love and will do anything to protect and be with the other. 

What I didn't like,  and I usually don't let this bother me but,  halfway through the book character names started to change.  Not only once but a few times.   Natalie became Nichole and one other name.  Mark was even a Mike and then a Matt at one point.  I was getting into the book and then when the character names changed,  I found myself having to go back to see if I missed something.  When you change a main character name like that,  it really drags the story down.

So with that being said,  I loved the plot and the character themselves,  but I have to give Criminal Company ***1/2 (3.5) Stars.  With a little editing and critiquing,  this could very well be a 5 star novel. ~BK Walker

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