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Saturday, February 5, 2011

4.5 Stars for Immortyl Kisses

I am so excited. Immortyl Kisses just received 4.5 stars for a review by Jennifer L. Bonges. Check it out....

Reviewed by Jennifer L. Bonges.  Find Jennifer on Facebook.

Immortyl Kisses
By BK Walker

Immortyl Kisses is a unique paranormal romance novel. It blends a perfect balance of supernaturals; vampires, witches and werewolves. The book also adds something I have not read in paranormal romances. Well, it adds many original ideas, which I don’t want to give away in the review. These unique ideas really added to my utter enjoyment of this book. It lures you in and you can’t wait to see where the story is heading. The characters are dynamic and while they may appear to be the typical stereotyped paranormal characters, they do have dimension and you want to know more about them.

The book begins with a Halloween dance. Raine doesn’t feel she really “fits” in with others. Raine is infatuated with vampires and has a beautiful “Goth” presence. Halloween is her favorite holiday and that is why Shania, her best friend, drags her to the dance. Raine doesn’t want to stay long, but by chance she meets Tristan, the gorgeous green-eyed vampire from Ireland. The attraction is immediate, but Raine does not know he is a vampire.

To complete the love triangle, bring in Logan, the hunky werewolf. Which you may think that this will be a typical mortal and immortal love triangle, but it is not at all. Shania wants to be with Logan, but Logan has feelings for Raine. Next, bring in Rogue Vampires, Witches and the most powerful Warlock ever to add more twists that lead up to Shania finding out that Tristan and Logan are a vampire and werewolf before Raine finds out. And then just when you think you know what is going to happen there is even a bigger twist that leads up to finding out what Raine’s destiny is.

I enjoyed this read. I don’t want to give too much away in the review. It is an original paranormal romance. I was impressed by the detail of the story. I found the story and characters to be believable and you can relate to them, no matter how young or old you are. When I got to the end, I wanted more and realized I would have to wait for the next book. I cannot wait!

4.5 stars

Reviewed by Jennifer L. Bonges

Thank you so much Jennifer.  
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