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-Winston Churchill

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 Facts Award - Thank you Sally from Bibrary Bookslut

So I've been honored with another blog award,  thank you Sally Sapphire@Bibrary Bookslut :). Please stop into her blog to learn 7 fun facts about her as well.  I'm sure you've guessed it by now,  I have to divulge 7 facts about myself.  So here we go.

1.  I'm a 38 year old mother of 3,  my oldest will be 21 in Aug., and my youngest is 11.
2.  I absolutely love horses,  riding,  watching,  and even training.  Yes,  I've trained a few in my days.
3.  I love a mixture of music from Rock (Led Zeplin) to Country (Jason Aldeen) and everything in between.
4.  My favorite movie of all time is Legend of the Fall,  Brad Pitt mmm mmm.
5.  As I get older,  I seem to be more emotional at watching movies/shows and cry with the characters.
6.  I love Dodge,  a Dodge truck is just so mean looking lol.
7.  I definitely have a book fetish.  My favorite book of all time,  The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton.

There are my 7 fun facts and now I must pass this award on to 15 more people.  So with careful consideration haha,  j/k.  Here are the 15 that I'm happy to pass this award to:

Congratulations to my 15 awarded blog friends.  

Until next time,


Unknown said...

Thank you so much! And congrats on getting the award yourself. Off to write up my post and figure out when to post it..:)

Neena said...

Hello! Congrats on the award, BK! I appreciate the luv and thank you for the award but I am going to have to politely decline. My apologies & sincerest of thanks for thinking of me. =)

jen said...

Um, hi twin! LOL

I miss my horses, hubby drives a new dodge, and my ipod mixes from AC/DC to Johnny D.

Thanks for riding the train today!
The Survival Mama

Self Sagacity said...

Congratulations and with your son too 21 - wow, you had him when you were 17? Anyhow, I followed you back, thanks for visiting.