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Thursday, February 24, 2011

PNR4Wolves - Authors with a Cause

So I got this email today from one of my favorite bloggers and author,  EJ Stevens.  As I read this email and clicked on the link to visit her new blog,  I was blown away.  Wolves have always been a love of our family and I was more than happy to help EJ in this wonderful cause.  It's such a wonderful concept and wolves need our help across the board.  So with that said,  I want to encourage all of you to stop into PNR4Wolves and follow the blog,  assist in any way you can,  and if you're an author,  simply join the giveaway with one or more of your books as a prize. 

Here's an excerpt from PNR4Wolves:

PNR4Wolves is a fun way to win prizes including paranormal romance books, ebooks, and bookmarks.  To enter, fill out this form to let us know that you have contributed to the rescue and preservation of wolves.  This may be in the form of volunteering with your local wildlife refuge or nature conservancy, joining a letter writing campaign, donating to wolf rescue organizations or wolf sanctuaries, and/or adopting a wolf.

There are many organizations that are in need of help.  PNR4Wolves is not affiliated with any individual charity or organization.  If you choose to make a monetary donation, please research the organization carefully.  I have made donations to the HSUS and WWF for many years with no difficulties, but I cannot vouch for the authenticity or reliability of any agency or website.

So I hope you will help me spread the word,  hop over and follow the blog,  and learn about the wolves and all we can do to support this great cause.  Please re-blog about this,  tweet this,  share on facebook and any other social network you belong to.  It is greatly appreciated.

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